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All of the below are excellent nutritional products for ruminant animals. All blends / compounds are formulated in different ways to suit particular on farm situations or systems, but the composition of each individual product is based on analysis the same as, or similar to ones above. Raw materials will vary in analysis from consignment to consignment but this is covered by spot checks and full laboratory analysis to ensure there are no shortfalls. Reasons for inclusion in diets are show below.

Barley High energy and starch. Highly fermentable. Encourages milk proteins and fast growth. Although high inputs can cause acidosis.
Supagold Biscuitmeal Very high energy. Encourages milk quality. Highly palatable. Boosts energy in rations very economically.
Citrus Economical Sugarbeet replacer. Full of digestible fibre acting as a rumen buffer. Single source orange product most palatable.
Wheat Distillers By-product from grain distillation process. Energy and protein source with some digestible fibre. Unsuitable for sheep due to high copper levels. Has low starch
and sugars.
Maize Distillers Distillery by-product. Very high energy. Pre-fermentation leaves low starch level. Palatable but risky if fed to sheep because of copper.
Maize Gluten By-product from manufacturing maize starch. Reasonable energy with good digestibility but quickly fermented. Moderate protein.
Megalac Protected fat supplement that passes through the rumen and is digested in the lower gut so reducing rumen pressure. The densest of all energy products. Increases milk yield and fertility.
Molasses 80/20 Residual syrup mixed with condensed molasses from sugar refining process. Very palatable, high in sugar energy, reduces dust and a valuable source of minerals. Usually mixed with an absorbent to aid flowability in cold weather.
Palm Kernal Protein and energy source. Higher levels of inclusion boost butterfat. Storage length is limited due to high oil content.
Prairie Meal Also known as Maize Gluten 68. Rich in protein and energy. Protein is very high in UDP. Excellent feed for high yielding dairy cows. High inclusion can lead to fat discolouration in beef animal carcases
Rapemeal Rape is part of the brassica family. High protein and good energy. Soya replacement but not as digestible. Can be slightly unpalatable and maximum use of 25% of total diet is recommended.
Sopralin High quality Soya protein that has been treated. Contains high levels of DUP. Improves milk yield and milk proteins. Helps subsequent fertility in dry cow diet, liveweight gains in all ruminant stock and improves lamb birth weights when fed
in ewe diets.
(Braz & Hipro)
Recognised as the best quality vegetable protein in the world. High energy and protein which do vary depending on country of origin. Ideal for all livestock. Hipro Soya does not have the hulls de-blended therefore is lower in fibre and higher in protein than other sources.
Soya Hulls By-product from dehulling of Soya beans. Good source of digestible fibre with moderate protein and energy levels. Good replacement for Sugarbeet or Citrus especially in spring at young grass.
Sugarbeet Highly digestible fibre, which maintains rumen condition. High in FME (Rumen Fermentable Energy). High in sugars and encourages cudding. Its high liquid absorbency makes it ideal as a silage additive to retain feed value from effluent.
Wheat High energy and moderate protein. High starch, low fibre and low in vitamins. Increases milk proteins and stimulates growth. Best fed rolled but can also be fed ground, whole (to sheep), crimped, caustic treated or as a wholecrop silage. Improves pellet quality in compounded feeds.

We formulate our own range of dairy, calf, beef and sheep compounds which are based on a fixed formulation and fixed price. these are formulated to strict nutritional specifications.


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