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The product is 50% sugars, making it extremely palatable to all stock. Although it is a liquid, it is very high in solids (75%). Ideal for ruminants as it is the simplest form of energy available to stimulate the rumen. It reduces dust in a mixture, aids pelleting and is a good source of minerals.

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 75.0 NCGD 67.0 Salt 1.3
Crude Protein 6.0 NDF 0 Calcium 0.9
DCP 4.0 Starch 0 Total Phos 0.15
ME 12.7 Sugar 65.0 Av Phos 0.07
Crude Fibre 0 Starch & Sugars 65.0 Magnesium 0.5
Oil (EE) 0.2 FME 12.2 Potassium 4.0
Ash 9.0     Sodium 0.3

Analysis Glossary

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Limits to Usage

It has a high potassium and salt content which can lead to scouring especially in younger animals. High levels of sugar in ruminant rations could lead to acidosis.

Storage / Processing

Stores well for up to one year. Will thicken in cold weather, and a blend with condensed molasses solubles (CMS) may be needed to ensure flowability out of a gravity fed tank.

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.

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