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Soya Hulls

Soya Hulls

A good source of digestible fibre, with average protein and reasonable energy levels.

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 90.0 NCGD 76.0 Salt 0.05
Crude Protein 11.6 NDF 67.5 Calcium 0.5
DCP 6.5 Starch 5.0 Total Phos 0.2
ME 11.9 Sugar 9.0 Av Phos 0.1
Crude Fibre 35.0 Starch & Sugars 14.0 Magnesium 0.25
Oil (EE) 1.8 FME 9.6 Potassium 1.0
Ash 4.5     Sodium 0.02

Analysis Glossary

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Country of origins

North or South America, EU and Asia

Factory Process

A by-product obtained during the dehulling of soya beans

Physical Appearance

A greyish yellow meal or pellet

Limits to Usage

High fibre level may limit intake.

Statutory Declaration

Fibre 35% Max

Other Requirements

Will comply with relevant EU & UK legislation

Handling & Storage

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the Control of Salmonella.

Holstein cow

Reference / Further Reading

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