Toxisolve Yeast

Toxisolve Yeast

Toxisolve Yeast is a concentrated live yeast aimed at performance orientated farmers. Toxisolve Yeast enhances cellulytic bacteria and stabilises the pH value in the rumen. Also contains a high quality mycotoxin binder that will neutralise a broad range of mycotoxin and will improve Immune response and stimulate microbial populations.

Contains Protected Selenium and Zinc.


Acidic forages, high starchy cereal intakes and unbalanced diets can cause depressed pH levels in the rumen, which in turn will lead to acidosis. This can then lead to depressed appetites, effecting milk yield and quality in dairy cows and live weight gain in beef animals.


By adding Toxisolve Yeast to the feeds can rapidly restore pH levels and cost effectively improve performance and health.

Mycotoxins - Impacts within the animal

Effect of yeast on the rumen pH


  • Stabilizes rumen pH
  • Reduces acidosis
  • Increase yield
  • Can positively effect milk quality
  • Can improve animal health
  • Can have a positive effect on cell counts


  • Stabilizes rumen pH
  • Reduces acidosis
  • Increase D.L.W.G.
  • Can enhance fibre digestibility
  • Can improve feet and skin condition
  • Can reduce bloat
  • Can improve animal health


  • Product contains: Soya Hulls. Ultrasorb 10, Live Yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (SC47 EC No, 1702) White Oil, Soya Oil
  • Pack size: 20kg bag.
  • Store in cool dry conditions.
  • Is manufactured to ISO 9001.
  • Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.
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Feeding rates are estimates, and other factors, such as animal health and environment, can have a greater impact on how animals perform. There is no guarantee that animals will perform as expected if fed the suggested rates. Rations should be balanced to provide enough energy and protein for animals, and they should include enough forage to keep the rumen healthy. Animals also need access to fresh water at all times.