GP Feeds Carbon Footprint & Sustainability

As a supplier of ruminant feed, GP Feeds supply straights and mixed finished feeds across the United Kingdom. To meet customer requirements for feed quality and assurance, GP Feeds comply to UFAS standards, part of which investigates procurement policy and supplier accreditation. GP Feeds constantly review the materials used in diets and are on hand to advise customers how to work with different diets, avoiding certain materials if required.


Palm Kernel

Traditionally, GP Feeds have bought all their Palm Kernel requirement from ADM, on ADM’s RSPO accredited scheme.

Soya Bean Meal

GP Feeds buy Soya bean meal from Cargill and from ADM. Both are extremely careful with their procurement and have strict sustainability guidelines and goals such as RTRS membership. In addition to this, they both operate Mass Balance schemes for Soya bean meal which GP Feeds can participate in should a customer require. Cargill’s scheme is “Triple S” and ADM’s is “ADM RSS Mass Balance”. As these schemes attract a small premium to the standard RTRS Soya meal, GP Feeds need to know in advance if a customer requires it.


GP Feeds can offer a range of dairy diets which contain no Soya, Soya Hulls or Palm Kernel for customers who would prefer to avoid those materials altogether.