Based at Park View Business Centre on the Cheshire / Shropshire border, GP Feeds was established in 1999 by Gareth Perkins who was previously employed by a National Agricultural Company. Gareth has over 40 years experience of buying and selling a wide range of animal feed materials and associated products.

GP Feeds has a long standing and simple philosophy when it comes to feeding ruminants which is as strong today, as it was when we first started our business 25 years ago. We believe that good quality raw materials, professionally produced, formulated and individually tailored to suit the unique requirements on your farm. We believe it holds the key to enabling your herd to reach and maintain optimum performance and profitability.

GP Feeds are proud to operate fixed formulation, non substitution policy, which gives our customers the confidence to feed rations that are highly consistent, reliable, cost effective and efficient. Caring about our customers is a priority. We supply full technical and nutritional support. Dairy costings, yield predictions, quota predictions and silage analysis are all part of our service, together with competitive prices on straights, minerals, feed additives, etc

We provide a comprehensive and professional service with the emphasis on success and profitability for you the farmer. As a result we now trade with over 1500 satisfied and happy customers in our main trading areas of Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, South, Mid and North Wales and Derbyshire, but we can and do trade throughout the UK.

We would like to help you given the opportunity - over 1500 customers can't be wrong!