Techmol Syrup

Techmol Syrup

Techmol Syrup is an ideal liquid to feed together with straw and trials have shown that 1kg of straw together with 1.5kg of Tecmol Syrup can replace up to 6 kgs (fresh weight) of grass silage of 27% DM while maintaining milk production.

Feeding and Typical Daily Feeding Rates

1kg of straw plus 1.5kg of Tecmol Syrup will provide similar levels of DM, energy and protein as 6kg (fresh) of grass silage (27% DM).

Substituting a proportion of grass silage with straw and Tecmol Syrup is most effective for cows in mid to late lactation and trials have show that milk production has actually been increased.

If silage is substituted in early lactation a reduction in yield may occur however this may be offset by an increase in milk quality as has been observed in trials.

Straw Tecmol Syrup Amount of Grass Silage Replaced (27% DM)
1.0 kg 1.5 kg 6kg (1.6kg DM)
2.0 kg 3.0 kg 12kg (3.24kg DM)
3.0 kg 4.5 kg 18kg (4.84kg DM)
4.0 kg 6.0 kg 24kg (6.48kg DM)
5.0 kg 7.5 kg 30kg (8.10kg DM)


Straw could be fed up to 5kg plus the correct level of Tecmol Syrup from the table above to replace grass silage in the ration.

Buffer Feeding with Maize

If sufficient quantities of maize silage exist it can be used as an excellent buffer feed especially in the current dry conditions. However, a suitable protein supplement will be needed to balance the low levels of ERDP (effective rumen degradable protein).

Typical Analysis (DM basis)

Dry Matter 60%, ME 13.5 MJ/kg, Sugars as Invert 43%, Crude Protein 16%

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Storage / Processing

Treat as you would with any typical molasses.

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.
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Feeding rates are estimates, and other factors, such as animal health and environment, can have a greater impact on how animals perform. There is no guarantee that animals will perform as expected if fed the suggested rates. Rations should be balanced to provide enough energy and protein for animals, and they should include enough forage to keep the rumen healthy. Animals also need access to fresh water at all times.