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Excel Dry Cow Minerals

Excel Dry Cow Minerals

  • Designed to supplement dry cow diets containing mixed forage and concentrates.
  • 150 grams / head / day provide excellent levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • Available as "In Feed" or "Free Access".
  • Contains yeasts to encourage Dry Matter Intake in the dry period.
  • High levels of protected Copper, Zinc and Selenium.
  • Formulated to enhance colostrum quality, follicular development, the immune system and horn quality.
  • Proven to reduce retained cleansings and aid calving.
  • Specification matches requirements of higher yielding dairy cows.
  • Low calcium content.
  • Check these features against your present suppliers.

If you are not feeding a specific dry cow mineral - then you need to speak to GP Feeds as we will be able to enhance the profitability of your herd.

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Feeding rates are estimates, and other factors, such as animal health and environment, can have a greater impact on how animals perform. There is no guarantee that animals will perform as expected if fed the suggested rates. Rations should be balanced to provide enough energy and protein for animals, and they should include enough forage to keep the rumen healthy. Animals also need access to fresh water at all times.