ES CAPRIS silage maize

ES CAPRIS silage maize

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Please contact us for alternative products. 

ES Capris has very high yields, early maturity and is a excellent companion to an earlier variety such as Kentaurus.

Favourable sites Less favourable sites
% dry matter 36.6 35.2
% yield of controls 103 103
Dry matter yield t / ha 19.2 18.5

An early variety with high yield which is substantially higher yielding than early varieties and a yield comparable with later varieties.

Favourable sites Less favourable sites
ME 11.5 11.3
Cell wall digestibility 57.0 55.6
Energy yiels '000s MJ / ha 219 209

Multiplying high yield and ME consistantly getting over 200,000 MJ / ha from Capris.

Favourable sites Less favourable sites
% starch 34.2 33.6
Starch production t / ha 6.6 6.2

Starch production of over 6 tonnes for all sites.

Favourable sites Less favourable sites
Early vigour 7.2 7.2
Standing power 8.2 7.4

Early vigour is similar to Kentaurus and stiffer than Kreel.

Seed rate

Aim for a plant population of about 102,000 ha (41,000 acre). With a 10% establishment loss this requires a seed rate of about 113,000 ha (46,000 acre). If you have a poor seed bed or are drilling early push the seed rate up.

ES Capris is certainly a variety that needs considering - if you need more information please phone the office on 01948 661602 or your usual agent.

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  • New from the breeders of ES Regain
  • Very high yields
  • Early maturity
  • Best suited to the favourable sites of England
  • Treated with TAKE-OFF for enhanced root growth and establishment


Feeding rates are estimates, and other factors, such as animal health and environment, can have a greater impact on how animals perform. There is no guarantee that animals will perform as expected if fed the suggested rates. Rations should be balanced to provide enough energy and protein for animals, and they should include enough forage to keep the rumen healthy. Animals also need access to fresh water at all times.