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For applying dry products through Self Propelled, Trailed or Forage Wagon. Single pipe or triple pipe options available.

EcoDry 80kg capacity applicator with rotor delivery system and fully variable in-cab controls. The applicator can be adjusted to give a wide output range (eg 200 to 3100 g/min for Ecosyl). There are two options for delivery: The RL80 has a single wide-bore delivery tube attached to the base of the unit via a swivel joint which allows more flexible positioning of the hopper.

The Ecodry comes with either a spread plate (EcoDry RL80SP) for application over the pickup reel or a tubing adapter (EcoDry RL80TA) for delivery direct into the chopping chamber or air intake. Alternatively, the EcoDry 80G delivers via 3 narrower tubes. The two basic models are inter-changeable using a simple kit.

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