Spread this film & vacuum-pack your silage

The secret as all farmers know is an 'air tight clamp is a safe clamp'. This hasn't always been easy to achieve. On its own, traditional black plastic is too inflexible and oxygen-permeable to create a perfect seal so air pockets remain, forming the right conditions for composting and rotting to take hold around the top and shoulders of the clamp. This soon spreads, and it is not uncommon for as much as 10% of silage in a clamp to be lost!

CLAMPFILM - They said it would never work, but Clampfilm IS now the accepted way to STOP top and shoulder waste!

  • Provides a simple, efficient and cost effective way of sealing a clamp that effectively "vacuum packs" the feed thus eliminating spoilage, preserving quality and protecting your profits.
  • Is a 40 micron primary silage sheet that is spread directly on top of the clamped feed. It is then covered with conventional black plastic and weighted down in the usual way. Any air trapped underneath is used up very quickly by respiration, producing the ideal anaerobic environment essential for making good silage. As the air in the clamp is used up the lightweight, flexible Clampfilm is sucked down onto the surface of the silage forming a perfect air-tight seal.
  • Tensile strength has also been increased, thereby offering even better resistance against damage when being laid or during subsequent handling, adding to it's ability to give even greater levels of protection against aerobic spoilage - and all at no extra cost!
  • Even in windy conditions Clampfilmcan be laid with ease as it settles immediately into the contours and depressions on top of the clamp, and is resilient enough to be walked on as it is being laid and covered.

We have customers who have used it over the last few years and have again already placed there orders for this year. One of the many comments we received about this product is that they have had no waste at all with using CLAMPFILM. Very quick and easy to unroll and spread CLAMPFILM eliminates the time-consuming and laborious salt spreading that many farmers use to overcome the 'top-waste problem'.

An air tight clamp is a safe clamp. It really is that simple … and affordable!

CLAMPFILM is available in:

  • 7m (23ft) x 50m (162.6ft) x 13kg
  • 12m (39ft) x 50m (162.6ft) x 21kg
  • 16m (52ft) x 50m (162.6ft) x 28kg

Beware of imitations - if it's not green it's NOT Clampfilm

Property Test Method Unit ClampFilm Competitors
Colour     Green Transparent
Thickness DIN 53370 Micron 40 40
Tensile strength
EN ISO 527 N/mm2 25 16
Tensile elongation EN ISO 527 % 600 250
Dart Drop EN ISO 7765-1 Gram 120 70

Use CLAMPFILM with the right additive and get the best results from your silage.

If you are interested in Clampfilm please contact Gareth at the office on 01948 661602.

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