Now that herds are getting settled into their winter regime and feeding patterns, perhaps it is time to check that your feeding programme is correct. If your answer is 'YES' to the following ten questions you would appear to have it right. If however your answers are not all 'YES' maybe your feed programme needs some fine tuning.

a) Are your freshly calved cows peaking to your expectations?

b) Is overall milk production satisfactory?

c) Are your cows in good condition or are they losing weight?

d) Are they bulling correctly?

e) Are the P.D. percentages correct or have you too many not in calf?

f) Is milk quality satisfactory?

g) Are your cows eating sufficient silage?

h) Are you experiencing cow health problems such as milk fever?

i) Is the percentage of lame cows too high?

j) Are your dry cows calving down as you would wish?

If any of these questions are ringing alarm bells in your own farm situation please don't hesitate to ring us. We are confident that with our many years experience in all aspects of cow feeding and nutrition we can work with you to sort out the problem to enable you to get the best financial returns.

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