Fixed Formulation

What does it mean?

As a company with set objectives we are continually arguing the case for FIXED FORMULATIONS. We believe that a certain percentage of farmers still don't fully understand what is meant by a fixed formulation and perhaps know more about least cost formulations. Least cost formulations, as operated by the majority of compounders, means that given the nutritional specification of a ration in terms of its oil, protein, fibre, ME, Ash and mineral content, the make up of the raw materials to produce that specification will alter every day dependant on raw material costs. This is irrespective of whether the animals care for these changes or whether, indeed, some of these raw materials used (such as fillers) are of benefit to the beast. The reasons for least cost formulation are of benefit only to the compounder enabling him to make extra profit.

Why are we different?

We have always promoted fixed formulation rations since our formation in 1999. In our formulations FIXED means exactly what it says. Once our formulations are set for a period in time, the raw materials used and the percentage inclusion in each individual ration remains exactly the same for the duration irrespective of changing raw material costs. We buy all our raw materials to cover each period, which enables us to guarantee our FIXED FORMULATION portfolio.

We believe we are in the minority within our region who offer this benefit to both you and your animals. How many times do you experience palatability or milk production problems soon after a new load of feed is delivered? This is probably because the make up of the diet has changed. We recommend you look at your delivery tickets and check how many times your ration will alter through the winter. Unless you are a customer of GP Feeds you will find it alters almost on every load. Can this be of benefit to your cows or is the benefit going all the other way?