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  • You can buy 5 different types of Ecosyl for your grass
  • Ecosyl 66 liquid - A 66 tonne treatment bottle to apply at 1.5 litres/tonne silage.
  • Ecosyl 66 dry - In a 25 Kg bag for powder applicators, 66 tonnes/ bag.
  • Ecosyl ULV (Ultra Low Volume) - To apply at 20 mls/tonne 'A fill lasts all day'.
  • Ecosyl Double Action liquid (acid & innoculant) - to reduce heating & waste in drier grass silages.
  • Ecosyl Double Action dry (acid & innoculant) - to treat the drier silages with a powder applicator.

All are available through us on early order terms - Order now for delivery April/May2008.

All 5 types are guaranteed to apply at least 1 Million bacteria per gramme of forage

If you are using low volume application check out Ecosyl ULV, it has been the only product available for low volume work at 1 million bacteria per gram the competitors claim only 10% of this number. Before you buy any low volume applicator you have to see the Ecosyler, it is blockage free & versatile. You may be buying product applying 100,000 bacteria per gramme at a Million bacteria pergramme price

Did you know Ecosyl was created in Cheshire?

The bacteria used in Ecosyl is MTD1, isolated originally at the local ICI 'Dairy House Farm'. This bit of Cheshire is now used to make silage in over 20 countries. Ecosyl is one of very few silage products manufactured in the UK. Lets support our local strain from a British company.

15 totally independent, published dairy trials show an average gain of 1.2 Litres of milk /cow/day as a result of treating forage with MTD1. 9 fattening trials show 9% increase in daily carcass gain. This is a product we sell for Solid Performance not Possible Insurance. There is probably more published proof for Ecosyl than all the others put together.

If you are planning to spend on a silage product spend on the tried and tested one.

Ecosyl Products have won the 2007 Queens Award for Enterprise in support of Dairy Farmers globally. ECOSYL - EARLY ORDER CAMPAIGN...

What more can we say, but 'How much do you need for April delivery 2008?'

Call the office on 01948 661602 to place your order.


The foundation of any good quality yielding herd, is only as good as the youngstock you replace into it. It is vital that your herd's next generation is fed correctly in order to be an asset to your business...ensure that all aspects of growth patterns throughout the various stages of their young lives will be taken care of. YOUNGSTOCK - DO'S AND DON'TS...


Megalac special - pre-increase priced product left for December delivery only.

Megalac prices along with most other fats are continuing to rise.

Here at GP Feeds we still have some tonnage available at pre-increase pricing. Call the office to book your requirements before we run out of this advantageous price. Call Gareth on 01948 661602 today to place you order.


If you haven't placed your Christmas and New Year orders yet - don't delay phone the office today on 01948 661602 to get them booked in.

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Sunday 23rd December
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Normal deliveries will resume on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.


We take this opportunity of thanking every one of you who has supported us with your trade over the past years. Without your support we would not be the force we are in the area. We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.