The foundation of any good quality yielding herd, is only as good as the youngstock you replace into it. It is vital that your herd's next generation is fed correctly in order to be an asset to your business.

From weaning off milk or milk replacers, all of your animals should continue to grow quickly in the most economical and profitable way. This must include checking their weight throughout their lives to ensure that target weights are being met. Failure to reach target weights will lead to small heifers at bulling, small heifers at calving and small heifers at the lactating stage.

To help maintain growth and health here at GP Feeds we have a range of products, whether it be a quality coarse calf mix to get a good foundation for replacement stock, maybe a heifer rearing nut or even an economical ration to keep them up to standard ready for exporting, we have something to suit all your needs. These products, when fed alongside quality forage, will ensure that all aspects of growth patterns throughout the various stages of their young lives will be taken care of.


The Calf

  • Feed 5 - 7 litres of Colostrum in the first 6 hours of life and continue feeding for the first 4 days.
  • Mix the correct amounts of calf milk powder, check the temperature and feed at a daily constant temperature.
  • Ensure milk bucket is 12 inches above bedding level.
  • Provide clean barley straw from a few days of age for the calves to pick at.
  • Clean water should be readily available and changed at least once a day.

Calf rearing

  • The calf house should be airy, fresh smelling and draught free.
  • Wean when calves are eating 1kg of Calf Starter Pellets on 3 consecutive days and are seen to be cudding.
  • Calf Starter Pellets should be fed ad lib up to 3 months of age (100 - 110 kgs live weight)
  • Introduce Supergro Heifer Rearing 20 Nuts gradually at 3 months of age.
  • Do not introduce silage before 10 weeks of age.

Feeding and Management during housing.

  • Supergro Heifer Rearing 20 Nuts should be gradually introduced at 3 months of age.
  • Heifers should not be given silage that is unacceptable to cows.
  • Bedding in the form of clean barley straw can be expected to provide approximately 5% of total roughage intake.
  • Heifers should be housed in semi covered yards, providing as much fresh air as possible with a draught free lying area.

Further information


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As with all our feeds the ingredients have been carefully chosen for digestibility, with well balanced starch and sugars and quality protein sources, along with FIXED FORMULATIONS. We aim to give your youngstock the best start in life. Testimonials from our customers are available on request.