Sel-Plex EU authorisation

Now that Sel-Plex has achieved EU authorisation for use in all diets, your animals can enjoy the health and performance benefits of organic selenium supplementation through GP Feeds minerals.

Selenium deficiency is widely acknowledged across Europe due to the dearth of naturally occurring selenium in the soil. Sel-Plex provides selenium in the form nature intended. It is an effective tool in promoting immune function in high yielding cows. Research on feeding Sel-Plex to cows has shown a lower incidence of problems such as mastitis, high cell counts and metritis. Feeding organic selenium also helps to boost fertility and calf survivability.

Unlike inorganic or synthetic variants of selenium that are excreted after ingestion before being put to work, Sel-Plex is stored by the body and released as the animal requires it. Sel-Plex is protected from degradation in the rumen as it is held in peptide form within the protein of the yeast cells.

It is interesting to note at the time organic selenium was withdrawn for feeding to animals, the EU Commission had already granted a derogation for the use of organic selenium for humans. The decision was largely based on recognition in the scientific community that organic selenium is a safer selenium source than sodium selenite. Organic selenium is a powerful antioxidant and is recommended in the fight against cancer.

Sel-Plex is a selenised yeast produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060. Selenium plays a vital role in metabolism, growth and reproduction as well as in neutralising free radicals and supporting the immune system against infection.

The selenium in Sel-Plex is presented in the same form that is naturally present in plants, meaning that the selenium in Sel-Plex is more digestible and better retained. This allows the animal to build nutrient reserves against periods of increased demand without risking toxicity.

"We are delighted with the EU authorisation and this stamp of approval further enhances the confidence we have in all our natural feed products. This re-enforces our commitment to research and development, and our customers can be satisfied that our products comply with EU regulations," said Aidan Connolly, vice president, Alltech.

"Selenium, often limited in modern diets fed to food animals, is an essential part of the body's antioxidant defence system and is needed for normal growth and reproduction. Sel-Plex moves selenium supplementation forward by providing the mineral in the natural form that occurs in forages, grains and oilseeds," said Jem Clay, managing director, Alltech UK.

Where immunity suppression has occurred in your cows, then Sel-Plex must be included in your minerals.