Other testimonials from just a selection of our satisfied customers

"I was using calf and youngstock products from another major supplier in Cheshire but was unhappy with performance. I changed to your Coarse Calf 16 and within one month saw a fantastic difference and growth. I will never feed a cheaper diet again - quality counts!"

"The consistency in both appearance and quality of your products puts you in a different league to your competitors. When it comes to quality products and quality advice GP Feeds in my opinion offer the best."

"I changed to a cheaper blend and left GP Feeds but within 2 weeks milk production had dropped over 5 litres per cow. I changed back to my original blend from GP Feeds and production returned within 10 days. What more proof do I need that quality will always win?"

"I was annoyed how much cheaper your minerals were compared to the one I was using. For exactly the same specification I was saving over £50 per tonne."

"How refreshing, in these days of doom and gloom, to have a company who seems to know exactly what we want and to supply it with the minimum of fuss in a pleasant and open manner."