A dairy farmer and customer of ours in the Cheshire area, managed by a husband and wife team, have also for a long time run alongside the dairy herd, an intensive beef system, using primarily cross bred continental cattle, with some Friesian / Holstein stock. In the past they purchased beef feeds from a variety of suppliers, but fed the dairy herd on GP Feeds compounds and blends, relying upon nutritional advice from the company's representative Nick Sharp.

In the past 12 months a change was made to the feed being fed to the beef herd. Switching from a beef blend supplied by one of our competitors, to a customised GP Feeds beef blend. The consistency of our products is the key and has proved their worth in the terms of growth rate, quality of finished cattle, and the achievement of top prices at Market Drayton market on a regular basis.

Two products are used, a specific customised 14% rearer / finisher and an 18% blend designed to be fed 50/50 with barley. Such has been the success on this unit, the word has spread rapidly amongst the local beef farmers, and as a result of this we are now supplying several beef units in the area with the cereal balancer beef blend. All these new customers are reporting back to us that cattle settle well, readily eat the blend and perform better than previously.

We can supply these beef blends in bulk, 1t totes or ½t totes.

If you have a beef enterprise, or wish to start one up, ring us for a down to earth practical solution to take your business forward, in the most profitable way.