We feel that now is the time to be looking at contracting for the Winter period. Raw materials look as though they are fairly settled at present but increases in price through the winter look probable. We have good coverage of all the ingredients we use and a phone call to us would give you a fixed price for the winter as well as guaranteed FIXED FORMULATION - something we feel is vitally important for modern dairy cows.

For those of you who read Farmers Weekly maybe you saw on Page 5 of the 9th July issue, on the opinion page, an article headed "Use a supplier who tells all". Whilst it acknowledges that the feed industry has progressed in its attitude towards declaration of ingredients in its blends and compounds it points out that bag labelling of minerals leaves a lot to be desired. That makes it difficult for producers to calculate precisely what they are feeding. Producers need such information to check planned rations against intakes.

Farmers Weekly makes the point very strongly that if you find such information hard to come by, why not change to a more accommodating supplier? As you know we continually make the point that we have always adopted this policy with our blends and compounds to the ultimate of having fixed formulations.

We can also confirm that a full mineral and vitamin declaration ticket is available for every bag of mineral we sell enabling you to see precisely what you are buying. We believe that if full declaration is not given there must be something to hide or something in it you would not like to see.