We wish to share something with you...

We wish to share something with you, we recently gained a new customer from one of our competitors. The customer chose one of our Supreme range of dairy compounds, their independent nutritionist compared the original competitors diet to our own. Competitors had 15% Argentinian Soya to our 5% Brazilian Soya, so you would think, just on that product alone by percentage the competitors would be a better product.

However, the independent nutritionist looked at the Lysine and Methionine (Amino Acids which are essential for milk production) available to the animal from the two diets and found that ours at 5% Brazilian Soya had 3 times more Lysine and Methionine available in our Supreme Compound. The nutritionist compared the price of the two products and found that our Supreme dairy compound was worth £15 per tonne more than our competitors and yet we were already cheaper on a price per tonne basis.

This also goes to show that declaration tickets give you certain details of the feed you are buying, but by no means tells the whole story as to what is in the ration and how good it actually is! Make sure you ask your supplier to give you details of the exact make up of your compound by product by percentage, and confirm that this will not change from load to load (as both declaration tickets in the above case said "SOYA" on the ticket)!! Once again we reiterate our company motto Quality Products For Quality Production.

By using lower quality raw materials (which you may not even be aware of) it is doing you and your animals no favours at all. It may look cheap on paper, but it could be costing you a fortune in the long run.