Cows, in general, have milked very well through the winter for those of you wanting to maintain these high yields at turnout perhaps your problems are about to start. We all know that spring grass boosts yields even further but we also know that milk quality (particularly butterfat) is reduced along with fertility. The ever present problem of Grass Staggers is always on the horizon too.

To help overcome some of these problems we feel it is always helpful not to turn your cows out too quickly, provided of course you have sufficient reserves of silage left. It is always a good thing to let your cows graze for a few hours in the day and keep them in at night with perhaps the mid and late lactation cows going out all the time before giving full access to the freshly calved and high yielders. This is a somewhat ideal situation based on various factors but even if you cannot follow the practice yourself maybe there is some element of it that you could adapt to help maintain yield, quality and health. 

Another point we feel worth mentioning with regard to maintaining high milk yields in the spring is the consideration of adding AMINO PRO-TEK to the diet.