When one of your dairy cows is feeling unwell, some of the best feeds for tempting the appetite are hay and sugar beet. Sugar beet is also an excellent feed for a lactating dairy cow, to sustain her full of health and vigour. This is not an advert for 'the company' supplying the product, but an old fashioned reminder that sugar beet should be as much a part of the 21st century dairy cow's diet as it was when 'dad was a lad'. So, tell us, why is it missing from so many compound diets or is relegated to the bottom of the descending list of ingredients of your declaration ticket? Go on have a look and if it is not there, ring GP Feeds and we will discuss with you why it is so relevant for your dairy herd's daily diet. It is a quality product that should not only be at the top of the purchase requirement but also fixed in the formulation for the nutrition of your dairy herd.

At this time of the year, can you imagine feeding grass without the compliment of sugar beet? It must almost be like having your strawberries without cream. The sugars in the feed are a wonderful compliment to those of grass. The health benefits are immense because the high levels of digestible fibre helps to promote stable rumen conditions. Did you know that nearly 90% of the fibre is digestible, this simply means more feed value to the cow and less muck deposited as a waste product. It does encourage the intake of less palatable feeds and it can improve milk quality.

The quality of the protein in sugar beet is simply the best for your dairy cow. Much of it is rumen bypass protein and again compliments grass, which spreads the load of total protein supplied. Thus, encouraging lower milk ureas which in turn has a beneficial effect upon dairy herd fertility.

Sugar beet, as our forefathers knew so well, is a must in any sensible dairy diet and that is why it figures highly in GP Feeds dairy diets and is an important part of our fixed formulation strategy.

Let us provide your dairy herd with the opportunity to raise your performance to a new and enhanced level. With the added benefits of sugar beet in the diet, you will not be disappointed.

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