• "I couldn't see any benefits."
  • "You may as well put water on the silage for what good it does."
  • "Additives are only muck and magic."
  • "Just another product eating into our profit margin."
  • "If the weather is good at silage time you don't need an additive."

These and many more reasons are the ones that are often used as a reason for not buying and using any form of silage additive. Everyone is entitled to their own individual point of view and we perhaps agree with some of the feelings particularly about some products on the market place. Independent trial work (particularly by Llysfasi College at Ruthin and in trials in Ireland) confirmed that not all silage additives provide what they state.

We believe that ECOSYL PRODUCTS have the only products on the market that have independent trial work behind them proving and guaranteeing what they state. Better fermentation, milk yield increases, better palatability, better liveweight gains, less wastage have all been independently proved on many many occasions. We have every confidence in promoting Ecosyl Products and fully recommend them. However 9 basic rules must be followed when making silage or else no matter what the state of grass being ensiled its full advantages and potential will never be realised.

Silage Making Tips - The Nine Basic Rules

  1. Pit must be rolled between loads
  2. Ensile in layers to eliminate air pockets
  3. Have additional "rolling" tractor if sufficient space
  4. Use new silage sheets every year
  5. Side sheets are a must
  6. Weight sheets down all over the surface
  7. Seal the front with care when finished
  8. Tell your contractor what you want, not the other way round - you're the one who is paying!
  9. Watch out for mole hill contamination

Reference / Further Reading