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We have been working closely with two of our suppliers and have been conducting on farm trials, over the past two years.  Our findings have been amazing, which has led us into introducing a couple of new products to our agricultural sector. The problems are real, and have a detrimental effect to your stock and in turn your bank balance.

Ultrabond and Super Dry Klenz, are now available for you to try!

Once you have had time to digest this months’ articles, and if you have any questions please give Gareth a call on 01948 661602, and he will be happy to discuss them.


The hidden risk in home grown forage - Mycotoxins

As genetics has improved in recent years so has growth and performance of both dairy and beef animals. Feed intakes are higher in modern animals than at any stage in the past and it is because of  these high intakes that the total challenge on the animal can impact much more than in the past. It is therefore essential to reduce the risk of mycotoxin ingestion...

Take the Toxin Challenge...

Do you want:-

  • Improve Milk Yield
  • Increase Nutrient Utilisation
  • Increase Immunity
  • Improve Fertility
  • Protect feed from threat of Mycotoxins

Powerful, Economic and independently proven!

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Super Dry-Klenz – Bedding Conditioner for Dairy Cows

Super Dry-Klenz – Bedding Conditioner for Dairy Cows

In moist, warm conditions bacteria will flourish and multiply rapidly. Cattle are able to tolerate most bacteria at low population levels but if given a favourable environment, bacteria like E-coli can soon reach pathogenic levels. Once established, these harmful bacteria may soon start to have quite a considerable and detrimental effect on the health and performance of the cattle.

Ammonia is a very pungent gas, which is released in large quantities from fermenting urine and faeces. When exposed to high levels of ammonia and other noxious gases the health of your livestock can start to be affected.

What is Super Dry-Klenz and what does it do?

Super Dry-Klenz is a free-flowing pink powder, made to a unique formula based on extremely absorbent compounds and materials, which are capable of absorbing noxious gases and liquids. Super Dry-Klenz is able to absorb over 1 and a half times its own weight in liquid and trials have shown it will absorb up to five times the amount of liquid compared with other desiccant powders. This drying effect keeps livestock bedding drier and reduces bacterial activity. Super Dry-Klenz also helps to clear the air as its honeycomb crystalline structure absorbs pollutant gases such as ammonia and sulphur dioxide. Its non-aggressive mode of action makes Super Dry-Klenz kind to both you and your livestock.

What are the Benefits?

  • Healthier livestock
    • Reduces bacterial cell counts
    • Reduces feet problems
    • Lowers total bacteria counts
    • Helps to prevent bacterial mastitis
  • Cleaner atmosphere, and less ammonia
  • Drier bedding and floors
  • Improved welfare for livestock and personnel

When do I use Super Dry-Klenz?

Super Dry-Klenz has several applications

  • Cow Cubicles – Damp bedding gives bacteria the ideal conditions to grow and multiply, with the use of Super Dry-Klenz it can help to keep sheds dry and reduce bacterial challenge. Used in cubicles this product can help to reduce bacterial mastitis and help to reduce ammonia production from wet and soiled floors.
  • Calf Pens- Calving Boxes – The life of straw bedding in calf pens can be extended due to Super Dry-Klenz absorbent properties. Used in calf pens, it helps to reduce ammonia production from wet and soiled floor, along with reducing bacterial counts, therefore protecting the young calf.
  • Covered Yards and Walk Ways – Super Dry-Klenz is particularly effective in these areas again to reduce bacteria levels and to prevent slipping and damage caused by wet floors.

How do I use Super Dry-Klenz?

Super Dry-Klenz should typically be applied at 50g-100g/square metre to cubicles and loose housing, daily for 3 days, and then once or twice a week. Particular attention should be paid to the back of the cubicle and to damp patches in the bedding.

Super Dry-Klenz is also ideal for making a dry footbath by spreading a 25kg bag onto a suitable foam mat.
Spread as needed on covered yards and walkways.

Pressed Pulp

Early offer prices are available, but are due to be withdrawn any day now.  Demand for this product is usually high and availability can become difficult - contact Gareth in the office on 01948 661602 if you have a particular interest in using during the winter months. 

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 27
ME (MJ/kg DM)  13
Protein 9
Fibre     18
NDF 37
Oil 1
Sugar 6
Total Ash 8

Pressed Pulp is suitable for feeding to dairy, beef and sheep (ewes & lambs)

Pressed Pulp:

  • Improves the energy density of rations
  • Is useful for supplementing forage when quality and quantity are low
  • Is suitable as a buffer feed
  • Is a natural & traceable product which is UK produced and feed assured
  • Enhances physical nature and ‘open up’ total mixed rations
  • Improved animal performance by stimulating and increasing feed intake
  • Good source of digestible fibre
  • Can be clamped with forage
  • Succulent and palatable


Should be tipped in a clean dry area.

If fed fresh, it should be used within 5 – 7 days of leaving the factory.

If being kept for feeding at a later date, it should be ensiled and fully sealed. Remember to compact as much as possible.  Bulk density approx 800 – 100kg/m³ when clamped. Can be pitted up to a height of approx 2m.


Early offer prices now available.  Demand for this product is high and availability can become difficult.  We believe British Sugar will withdraw this 1st offer very soon, as the Wheat market is now increasing, following recent US crop news.  Contact Gareth in the office on 01948 661602 if you have a particular interest.




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