As fuel and electricity costs continue to rise. The manufacture of compound feeds and blends has to be competitive. All manufacturers have similar manufacturing costs, yet often it is the smaller company with lower overheads, who can be very competitive in the market at such a time.

All manufacturers have transport costs due to bringing raw materials from the docks into store and again delivering the finished product onto farms. This is unavoidable.
The actual processes involved in producing all products within a manufacturers portfolio, mean that a large amount of electricity is used, with the grinding, mixing, pelleting, cooling and rolling etc.

Larger companies also have very large overheads, such as office costs, a vast fleet of Company cars to keep on the road, hundreds of staff to pay etc.

We at GP Feeds Ltd, believe that in order to remain efficient, we will keep our overheads low and continue to supply our quality fixed Formulation products at the right price.

We keep listening to our customers and strive to produce feeds that are of nutritional benefit to the animal and make business sense to you, the farmer.