Proteins are always the most expensive part of a diet and it is a pity that forages do not contain more of it. Ways of increasing silage protein are being looked at by mixing other crops with the maize seed such as sunflowers or lupins. There is also evidence to show that the benefit of using fertilisers with added sulphur increases overall protein in grass silage over the years. The use of feed grade urea, particularly in blends, when being fed with high inclusion maize silage diets, shows better utilisation with a lowering of feed costs.

However when used in a diet of this nature great care must be taken in the mixing of the blend. GP Feeds ensure that our blends go through a fully computerised weighing process into the same mixer that produces our compounds. Blends produced through a Keenan feeder type operation will not have the same accuracy or safety aspects that are a necessity.

So be careful and check what you are purchasing. Are you getting what you asked for? You will with us - guaranteed!