Dashing through the snow
On a GP wagon today,
Over fields we go
Delivering all the way,
Telephones, always ring
Making spirits bright
Oh what fun it is to sing
Your feed will be there tonight!.

Oh, Jingle Bells, Our feed Sells
Let GP Feeds, ease your day!,
We'll supply your nutritional needs
In a GP wagon today!.

Feeding all your stock
working with you all year,
Bulk tipped or blown,
We bring you Xmas cheer,
Agents working hard
Keeping diets right,
Oh what fun it is to sing
On the cow shed roof tonight.

Oh, Jingle Bells, Our Feed Sells!
You choose, have your say!
Oh what fun it is to deliver
Your GP Feeds today!

All the cows will moo
And give the sheep a fright,
They'll be so upset
If its not GP feed tonight,
The milk tank won't be full
Not enough for Christmas morn,
There will be such a fuss,
If they don't get quality Corn.

Oh, Jingle Bells, Our feed Sells!
Ring us don't delay
We will be very happy
To speak to you today!.