Alkacarb To balance acid silage
Amino Pro-Tek Enhances milk production by reducing milk urea levels
Brewers Grains We have 2 major suppliers
Blended Custom Mixes Our speciality
Compound Feeds For calvesdairy cows, beef & sheep with fixed formulations
Cal. Mag. To help in the prevention of grass staggers
Cereals Farm assured barley or wheat – whole, rolled or milled
Milk Powder Calf Milk Replacers
Dynalac Additive for promotion of milk butterfats
Dri-Li / Dri-Li Plus For healthier cubicles
Ecosyl Products Innoculant / acid additives for grass, maize, wholecrop and crimped cereals
Fertilisers Kemira, blended products and imports
Lindrox Salt To be added to maize silage surfaces
Mega-Jewel New from Ufac
Megalac The jewel in Volac’s crown
Minerals Custom mixes of your choice plus our unique Excel Dry Cow mineral
Molasses We have the luxury of 3 suppliers
Molasses Tanks Brand new purpose built molasses tanks
Nutritional Advice From our specialised team of experts
Molasses Mineral Tubs/Blocks We can supply mineral Tubs and Blocks from 20kg Buckets up to 500 kg Blocks
Silage Additives From Ecosyl Products
Sugar Beet (molassed) We have the contracts (tonnage available in compounds and blends)
Straights All available including our unique Biscuitmeal
Supergrains Available for the first time this year
Volac Calf Milk Replacers
Wet Feeds PotatoesFodder Beet, Sugar Beet, Bread Waste, Grass and Maize silages.