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New Products

We have two new rations for you this winter

Credit Cruncher 18% Nuts

A ration as it name suggests, a new product to help everyone in these uncertain times. But you can be reassured that we stand by our philosophy of FIXED FORMULATIONS - no substitutions.

Credit Cruncher will fit into everyone's feeding regime, taking full advantage of the cereal market but at the same time offering a balanced approach.

Dairy Master 18% Nuts

A brand new product for this year. Formulated in conjunction with this year's forage analysis, a balanced diet, using quality ingredients to promote herd health. Again taking full advantage of the cereal market and GP Feeds GUARANTEED FIXED FORMULATIONS - a winning combination.

Dairy Master 18 contains, Hipro Soya, Rapemeal, Supagold Biscuitmeal, Wheat along with a Hi Specification Dairy Mineral, to name just a few of the quality ingredients.

Both products are very competitively priced, please call the office for prices, discounts available depending on load size, delivery area and payment terms.

Both products are also available in 20%, 22% and blend form.

Feed Your Animals Right

A few points for you to think about:

  • Have your silage analysed, then you can match compounds / blends to fit your needs.
  • Don't compromise heifer growth rates - make sure you have a ration that maintains & improves condition, not to save forage stocks.
  • Under-conditioned animals perform badly when they join the main herd - get it right from the start and save time and money later on - have a look at our youngstock range on page 4.

Here at GP Feeds we have rations and prices to suit all needs. Ring the office on 01948 661602 for more details.

James Lightfoot

We welcome James Lightfoot to our sales team. James is a Cheshire lad born and bred, having been brought up on a dairy & beef farm in Burton near Tarporley. So having a practical on farm upbringing, James proceeded to Harper Adams and for his endeavours, finished with a honours degree in Agriculture. Within that degree he spent 12 months at Liverpool's University Dairy farm, a 200 cow herd producing 10,000 litres per cow, this again gave James a more practical insight into rationing high performance dairy cows.

James for all his young years brings a wealth of practical and scientific experience to our industry and we believe he will be a real asset to the farming community and you will be seeing him very shortly.


As with all raw materials at the moment prices are still volatile. This is also the case with minerals. Here at GP Feeds we still have some mineral tonnages left at advantageous prices so it is worth giving us a call to book your mineral requirements. We also specialise in custom minerals, so please give us a call and let us quote you for your custom mineral.

As with our compounds and blends our minerals are only of the finest quality.


Description: Maize silage additive, containing Lactobacillus plantarum strain MTD/1 inoculant and potassium sorbate, a feed and food approved preservative.

Application: Available for liquid or dry application, each can or bag treating 50 tonnes of forage. Liquid - one can is mixed in 100 litres and applied at 2 litres/tonne. Dry - apply at 400 grams/tonne forage.

Benefits: Due to their susceptibility to aerobic spoilage, good clamp management is essential with maize. This, along with a suitable additive, should ensure success.

Conventional silage additives are designed to improve fermentation and will not deal with aerobic spoilage. In fact, they may actually make it worse as the better a silage ferments, the more likely it is to heat up on exposure to air at feedout.

With Double Action Ecocorn you have reduced aerobic spoilage from potassium sorbate, a chemical preservative effective against a wide range of yeasts and moulds, the microorganisms that cause aerobic spoilage. In addition, you have improved fermentation and animal performance from the well proven MTD/1 silage inoculant, as in Ecosyl - all in a single, easy-use pack.

Ring the office on 01948 661602 to place your order today

To protect your Maize we recommend - Clampfilm

CLAMPFILM is a low cost tough 40 micron sheet with very low oxygen permeability, it is laid directly onto the silage which sucks it down to create a secure seal Click here for more info...


The foundation of any good quality yielding herd, is only as good as the youngstock you replace into it. It is vital that your herd's next generation is fed correctly in order to be an asset to your business. From weaning off milk or milk replacers, all of your animals should continue to grow quickly in the most economical and profitable way. This must include checking their weight throughout their lives to ensure that target weights are being met. Failure to reach target weights will lead to small heifers at bulling, small heifers at calving and small heifers at the lactating stage.

To help maintain growth and health here at GP Feeds we have a range of products, whether it be a quality coarse calf mix to get a good foundation for replacement stock, maybe a heifer rearing nut or even an economical ration to keep them up to standard ready for exporting, we have something to suit all your needs. These products, when fed alongside quality forage, will ensure that all aspects of growth patterns throughout the various stages of their young lives will be taken care of.


Extremely palatable mixture fed ad lib from 2 days to 10 or 12 weeks of age.

  • Contains: Barley, Linseed, Sugarbeet, Hipro Soya, Flaked Peas, Flakes Maize, Oatfeed, Sopralin, Molasses, Minerals and Vitamins.


A specialist heifer replacement product to be fed from 10 or 12 weeks of age to calving.
Well balanced ration providing in excess of 1 - 1½ kilos LWG per day.

  • Contains: Wheat, US Maize Distillers, Rapemeal, Sunflower, Palm Kernal, Barley, Maize, Hipro Soya, Sugarbeet, Citrus, Biscuitmeal, Molasses, Minerals and Vitamins and Fat Blend.


Popular and cost effective alternative to our Supergro Heifer Rearing 20 Nuts, still providing excellent results and uniform growth. This product is suitable for all types of youngstock.

  • Contains: Soya Hulls, Rapemeal, Wheat, Wheatfeed, Palm Kernal, Sunflower, Sugarbeet, Molasses, Biscuitmeal, Minerals and Vitamins and Fat Blend.


Although primarily aimed at the beef market, the mineral pack can be change to suit the type of youngstock.

  • Contains: Wheat, Wheatfeed, Palm Kernal, Soya Hulls, Sunflower, Rapemeal, Sugarbeet, Biscuitmeal, Molasses, Minerals and Vitamins and Fat Blend.

As with all our feeds the ingredients have been carefully chosen for digestibility, with well balanced starch and sugars and quality protein sources, along with FIXED FORMULATIONS.

Even Buying Group members feed our youngstock range

Phone the office today on 01948 661602 to discuss your Youngstock needs.




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