November 2011 Newsletter

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We can't believe that as we write this newsletter, it is November already - where has this year gone, or are we just getting old!


We are pleased to announce and welcome Andrew Smith (formerly of Minsups Ltd) to the GP Feeds Sales team.

Andrew brings a wealth of practical and expertise knowledge, which he has gained over his many years in the industry.

Starting his career as a general farm worker, progressing to a farm manager before making the move into sales, spending several years in the animal health industry before becoming a sales manager within the field of animal health.

He has spent the last four years working within the mineral sector of agriculture, where he has gained a vast knowledge and expertise of the mineral and supplement business. Feeding the right mineral, to the right animal, at the right time if his forte.

Andrew has joined the GP Feeds team, because of the values we firmly believe in of Quality Products for Quality Production, Fixed Formulations and no substitutions.

With the expertise Andrew brings with him, if you have any issues on farm please call the office on 01948 661602, and we will be only too happy to put you in contact with Andrew so that he can discuss your needs and provide you with a cost effective and practical solution to your query.


Forage stocks are currently lower than most farmers would like, therefore most forage extender products are in high demand. We do have available some spot loads of Fodderbeet, Stock Feed Potatoes, Stock Feed Carrots and Brewers Grains. Please call the office on 01948 661602 for up to date prices and availability.

We can also offer you our very own unique FORAGE SAVER BLEND formulated from a blend of raw materials especially to extend your silage stocks. It has high levels of rumen friendly fibre from Sugarbeet and Soya Hulls.

  • Can be fed to all classes of Ruminant livestock
  • Contains high levels of digestible fibre
  • Feed at 2kgs per animal per day to replace 10kgs of average quality silage
  • When fed at the above rate it will save over 60 tonnes of silage per month on a 100 cow herd plus followers
  • Only top quality ingredients are included in the ration



In the 30 years or so, that we have been involved in the raw material market, this year is one of the most turbulent that any of us can remember for some time.

Wheat topping out at over £200 per tonne, Soya reaching dizzy heights of £350 per tonne and Rape trading a magical £240 per tonne. Thank goodness that things are a little cheaper now and that there is a little stability on proteins at present!

Supply of some raw materials still remains very tight, for example, Distillers, Supergrains and Pressed Pulp have all been withdrawn at present due to demand outstripping supply.

The Bio-fuel market still remains a massive competitor to our industry. Taking what was supposed to be the slack out of our industry, to now taking and estimated 25 - 50% of products that used to head our way.

But as in life, we still remain positive, because there is always something that GP Feeds will find to supply our industry at very competitive rates, whether it be our Quality Compounds, bespoke Blends (formulated to your needs) to maximise your profits, quality minerals or a whole host of straights feeds. Whatever your requirement, we are confident we can supply you with the most cost effective and practical products for your business.

Call the office on 01948 661602 to discuss your needs.


To guarantee delivery, can we please ask you to make sure your Christmas and New Years requirements (through to Friday 6th January) are in the office by:


We will as usual be in touch with all our customers nearer the time.

Please be aware there will be:

Limited deliveries on:

  • Thursday 22rd December
  • Friday 23th December
  • Wednesday 28th December
  • Thursday 29th December
  • Friday 31st December
  • Tuesday 3rd January 2012
  • Wednesday 4th January 2012

No deliveries on:

  • Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve)
  • Sunday 26th December (Christmas Day)
  • Monday 27th December (Boxing Day)
  • Tuesday 27th December (Bank Hols in lieu)
  • Saturday 31st December (New Years Eve)
  • Sunday 1st January 2012 (New Years Day)
  • Monday 2nd January 2011 (Bank Holiday in lieu)

Normal deliverys will resume on Thursday 5th January 2012



With high dry matter silages this year, maximising intakes will be a challenge for most, this is where molasses fits into the diet very well. Highly palatable, high in energy and high in proteins and all available from a liquid.


Sweet black liquid that is high in Fermentable Energy and Sugars. This product is 5 times more flowable than standard molasses at low temperatures and improves intakes of all forage types. Very similar to Cane Molasses but has CMS (condensed molasses solubles) added which lowers the dry matter but increases the flowability of the product.

Cane Flow is suitable for inclusion in the diets of all ruminant livestock and can offer a very effective way to increase the palatability of feeds whilst contributing high levels of energy from sugars.

Typical Analysis
Dry Matter 71.5
Crude Protein 5.4
ME 12.7
Starch & Sugars 65.0

Nutrimaize Range

Sweet high Protein liquid feeds (available in 28, 46 or 66 protein levels) which are based on a blend of pure cane molasses and 100% bonded urea (making it fully available to the animal, unlike our competitors who are only 50% bonded). The High Nutrient Density of the Nutrimaize range is designed to make it perfect for high yielding dairy cows. The bonded urea element in the liquid gives a regulated release of energy and protein for Better Rumen Utilisation.

Typical Analysis
Dry Matter 66
Crude Protein 28 / 46 / 66
ME 12.0
Starch & Sugars 62.0

Special Offer This Winter

This winter we are able to offer MOLASES TANKS, available in 12t right up to 32t tanks. We can offer interest free credit over a period of 12 , 24 or 36 months, depending on your individual needs if so required.

We will as always still be highly competitive on any molasses products you may require.

Please take a little time and have a look at our whole range of molasses available...

For more information on either molasses or tanks please call the office on 01948 661602 and speak to Gareth.


Two groups of dry cows with the far off dry cows fed at least a minimum of a high specification mineral tub and some forage as well as ad-lib straw. All cows and heifers to have at least 21 days on a transition diet. Cows should have a body condition score of between 3.0 to 3.5. Thinner cows should be on a transition diet for longer.

Ration faults:

  • Trying to slim dry cows in the dry period
  • Poor cow comfort
  • Low vitamin and minerals
  • One dry group
  • The use of milking cow minerals in a dry cow diet


  • Low quality forage
  • 'Roughing' it approach
  • Mouldy feeds
  • Wrong diet formulation

Diets should contain similar forages to those fed post calving and either blend or EXCEL PRE CALVER ROLLS. A high specification mineral should be fed. Our EXCEL DRY COW MINERALS / BUCKETS cover all your mineral and vitamin requirements. This transition diet should be formulated by a competent nutritionist to check it meets the modern cows requirement. If you need advice with dry cow management please ring the office on 01948 661602.

Remember comfort is paramount. Pay attention to these cows and mastitis, lameness and infertility will be reduced.

Excel Pre-Calver Rolls

Contains: Wheat, Hipro Soya, Sugarbeet, Rapemeal, Maize, Sunflower, Wheatfeed, Prairie Meal, Molasses and Minerals/Vitamins

  • A variety of selected quality energy sources to meet the cows nutritional requirements in the dry period.
  • High energy levels compared to other dry cow rolls.
  • Specific proteins to enhance the wide range of amino acids that are essential during the dry period and early lactation.
  • Includes a mineral specification designed for the modern dairy cow as health is of paramount importance.
  • Enhanced levels of Vitamin A, D and E for the immune system to maintain the cows own resistance to disease.
  • An easy to feed palatable roll with flexible feeding options.
  • Fed at the correct levels this will give your freshly calved cow the best start to a healthy lactation.
  • Contains specific yeast supplement to enhance intakes and rumen function.




Following our late arrival into the maize seed market last season, we aim to get off to a flying start this year. We can again offer some of the top varieties of maize seed from the leading breeders. After this year's growing and harvest period, maize in this area appears, in the main, to have yielded reasonably well considering drought conditions in many areas, particularly at sowing time.

On-going trials to access new varieties seem to suggest that earlier varieties are now not only cropping earlier but also without the yield penalty usually associated with early maturity. A lot of work over the past few years has also majored on enhancing the cell walls of the plant stem to make it more digestible (CWD). This will benefit by increasing the overall digestibility of the entire plant leading to better quality silage, higher intakes, more milk and increased profitability.

Varieties we shall be looking at particularly this year will be KENTAURUS (KWS) - very early, ES CAPRIS - early and ATRIUM (Limagrain) - mid season. The seed will be treated with TAKE-OFF seed treatment which speeds up emergence, creates even establishment, roots and shoots are increased and has shown improved stress tolerance.

For more information about these and other maize varieties, please contact the office on 01948 661602 where we will be able to quote prices and also arrange a farm visit if requested, to discuss varieties further.



Gareth or Rachel (Office)
01948 661602 Fax 01948 871776