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In a time of ever increasing feeds costs, here at GP Feeds we have a range of products that can lighten your worries.

Our GPF RANGE consists of compounds, blends and youngstock feeds, and are our most economical rations available. With prices under £160 per tonne (depending on load size and payment terms) they are certainly worth a look.

As with all our feeds they are made up of only quality raw materials, have fixed formulations and fixed prices.


GPF 16%, 18% and 20% Nuts - suitable for all ruminant animals.

Containing: Wheat, Palm Kernal, Wheatfeed, Rapemeal, Soya Hulls, Biscuitmeal, Sugarbeet, Sunflower, Molasses and Mins / Vits.

BLENDS - suitable for all ruminant animals.

GPF 19% Blend
Contains: Rapemeal, Wheatfeed, Soya Hulls, Citrus, Palm Kernal, Sunflower and Molasses.
GPF 24% Blend
Contains: Hipro Soya, Wheatfeed, Rapemeal,
Palm Kernal, Sunflower
and Molasses.
GPF 29% Blend
Contains: Hipro Soya, Rapemeal, Wheatfeed,
Palm Kernal, Sunflower,
Urea and Molasses.
GPF 35% Blend
Contains: Hipro Soya, Wheatfeed, Sunflower, Rapemeal, Palm Kernal
Urea and Molasses.


GPF Heifer Nuts - One of our most successful youngstock feeds. Available in either bulk or bags.

Contains: Wheat, Soya Hulls, Wheatfeed, Palm Kernal, Rapemeal, Biscuitmeal, Sugarbeet, Sunflower, Molasses and Mins / Vits.


GP Feeds are here to work with you to achieve better results.

Minerals are often one of those products that gets over looked. Yet they are something that affect all stock. Many rations are often found to be lacking in minerals, with this in mind, we have a few questions for you to consider:

  • Does your current diet supply the adequate minerals and vitamins required for the modern high yielding dairy cow?
  • Do you include additional minerals in blends fed to your animals?
  • Does you present mineral actually meet all the animals requirements?

It is more important than you might think to ensure your animals are fed the right amount of minerals and vitamins because:

  • The increased use of blends by many farmers means that minerals and vitamins in concentrate cannot always deliver the animals requirements.
  • Higher milk yield means that higher levels of minerals and vitamins are often required.
  • Many home grown feeds are often found to be short of minerals and vitamins and have a detrimental effect (e.g. selenium and copper).
  • Lack of adequate minerals and vitamins can have a dramatic effect on cow fertility.

Ring the office to discuss your mineral requirements on 01948 661602



Our Excel Mineral, (which like our Excel range of compounds) has everything the modern dairy cow requires with high levels of:

  • Vitamin A 500,000
  • Vitamin D3 150,000
  • Vitamin E 3,500

Also contains fully protected Copper and Zinc.

We are able to offer this mineral at a competitive price, so call the office for more information or to place your order on 01948 661602.


  • Blend calculator - where you will get the analysis before you submit so you can make sure it suits your herds needs.
  • Mineral enquiry - ask us to quote you on a mineral.
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  • Learn the history of the company - and for those of you who have never met Gareth, get to see what he looks like!
  • Request prices for feed - we aim to reply within 24 hours.
  • Have a look at our feeds - see what's in our fixed formulations, you won't get this from any other suppliers.

So feel free to have a nose around, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will find.


Ecosyl products have again announced their early order offer. Ecosyl are one of the most respected additive companies with many years of independent feeding trials...

Place your order before Christmas to receive your free Ecosyl calculator.


We would like to share with you another success story on farm which is relative to all of us this year. We have a customer who has bought a custom blend earlier this year booking right through from May 2007 to April 2008. This blend is looking very competitive against the current raw material market.

Silage on the farm like many, doesn't seem to have a lot of poke in it. Cows weren't milking as well as hoped. Another silage sample was taken and put on emergency turn round for results (which were back within 48 hours), from the result we were able to change to the blend to match the face sample taken (previously a core sample taken was).

To balance the forage the blend is now costing an extra £30 per tonne. We also added 2kg of high sugar energy content Molasses (Caneflow) to the diet which is fed to all the cows and Megalac Protected Fat was added at ½kg to the high group. The Molasses was added to ensure maximum intake and rumen function, the Megalac was added to increase the overall energy of the diet whilst enhancing cow condition.

The results for this are as follows:

Within 3 weeks an extra 500 litres per day was being produced (an increase of over 3 litres per cow)

Butterfat at 4.1
Protein at 3.4

Total cost of extra feed for the month = £2862

Total margin from extra milk for the month = £4278 (Wisemans/Tesco contract at 27.6p/litre)

= an extra margin of £1416 per month
= an extra margin of £9912 for the winter

This is not taking into (financial) account better cow condition, and the cows are now bulling stronger than ever - what price do you put on fertility?

These results are for October, and as we stand today (1st week of November) we have produced an extra 100 litres per day over and above the figures shown (onwards and upwards).

We at GP Feeds can enhance your business. We have the opportunity with increased milk prices to maximise your profits.

Let us achieve this on your farms as we have many other - lets got for it!

GP Feeds are here to work with you to achieve better results.


British sugar will not be bringing out any 2nd offer tonnage for Sugarbeet. Imported Sugarbeet has been reported to cost in excess of £180/tonne

We at GP Feeds have some 1st offer British Sugarbeet left, which is very competitively priced against the market today.

If you want British Sugarbeet please ring the office without delay on 01948 661602 - only limited tonnage left!

Place your order today to avoid higher prices and before we sell out.


Thoughts from an independent broker.

We said these markets were not for the faint hearted and Wheat has provided us with a real white knuckle ride, and for many people it's still not over yet. At the end of September wheat was riding high with the November futures posting a high of £198. This had dragged up along with it the price of Wheatfeed, Gluten, Soya Hulls and Palm Kernal and any other cereal replacements. However, today futures are trading £50 per tonne less. This price collapse has also had its effects on the aforementioned bi-products coinciding with a very mild and benign October. The grass has never stopped growing and is still growing and many beef and sheep farmers not seeing any prospects of making money in the near term are taking advantage of the grass that's available. Where does this leave us now? One might well ask.

Many still feel that this market may well rebound but certainly no one expects it to reach its previous highs. In South America the grain is being harvested and there are reasonable crops there. There is still a question mark about the crops in Australia with a range of anywhere between 10 / 14 million tonnes from an expected initial crop of 24 million tonnes. In the states reports are coming through of extensive sowing of Wheat. However, there are many areas in the states which are still suffering from the ravages of the drought last season. No doubt a careful eye will be kept on how the crop progresses. Many of the farmers have already hedged their crops and so the fall in price is unlikely to have any major impact on the quantity sowed. The real battle now looming is going to be for acres of Maize versus acres of Soya Beans. Last year many farmers sowed Maize on Maize and were still very pleased with the yield and return they have received. This would appear not to be a deterrent for this year as it may well become apparent that has yielded a better return than Soya Beans. There is a tighter supply of Soya Beans due to the higher usage over production this year, reducing the carryover from an excess of 600 billion bushels to approximately 300 billion bushels. Should this be eroded even more we could well see the funds even more active in the Soya Bean market making it very volatile especially as crude oil is expected to hit $100 plus.

Many of the bi-products Wheat, Palm Kernal, Soya Hulls are currently buyable at attractive prices in the near by positions. However, as more demand does kick in we will see these prices soon harden. Anybody who can take advantage of these competitive prices would be wise to do so.




To guarantee delivery, can we please ask you to make sure your Christmas and New Years requirements (through to Monday 7th January) are in the office by:


We will as usual be in touch with all our customers nearer the time.

Please be aware there will be:

Limited deliveries on:

Monday 24th December (Christmas Eve)
Thursday 27th December
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Monday 31st December

No deliveries on:

Sunday 23rd December
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Tuesday 1st January 2008

Normal deliveries will resume on Wednesday 2nd January 2008.



Yeast is proving to be very valuable on many dairy and beef farms this year. Yeast is designed to maintain a healthy rumen, aid fibre digestion, improve liveweight gains along with food conversion.

This year yeast is helping to raise the overall rumen PH (reducing the risk of acidosis) and increase fibre-digesting bacteria - helping many farmers to get the most from their maize silage.

Yeasts work effectively in both dairy and beef animals by:

  • Reducing digestive disorders
  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Drives dry matter intake
  • Increases milk yield
  • Improves weight gain

For more information call Gareth on 01948 661602



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