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A word in your ear if we may

As mentioned in the recent newsletter from Nantwich Vets, "the weather seems to have taken a nasty turn for the worse. Suddenly it's very wet and cold. Classic 'Staggers' weather. Hopefully you are all doing everything to prevent this as quite often these cows present with four legs in the air. If you think your cows are more nervous or hyperexcitable than normal then you might have subclinical 'hypomag' levels in your cows. It would definitely be worth increasing magnesium supplementation either in the parlour, down the barrier or adding magnesium chloride flakes to drinking water."

As mentioned in last month's newsletter and recommended by Nantwich Vets, we are able to supply many forms of magnesium supplements. So give us a call if you are looking for:

  • Magnesium Minerals
  • Calmag (Agma)
  • Mag Chloride Flakes
  • Rumag Aqua
  • Tecmag 4

They also mention that Dry cows are best looked after using a specific dry cow diet, even if out at grass. For this we recommend our Excel Pre-Calver Rolls.


There are many fats on the market today which all claim to benefit the modern dairy cow. The question is - which one is right for you?

Here at GP Feeds we have a number of fats available. We choose to sell only the best available on today's market, and the ones below are both EXCLUSIVE TO GP FEEDS - you won't find them available through anyone else.


A rumen stable fat in a granular form for high performance dairy cows, made from fractionated palm oil fatty acids: entirely vegetable, without a carrier, 99% fat content! The most competitively priced fat on the market for M.E. and C16 content, click here for more information...



CS Plus is a specially formulated fatty acid blend processed with a selected glucose preparation into a free flowing dust-free meal. It has been designed for raising BUTTERFATS in particular, whilst improving milk yield, maintaining cow condition and helping with fertility, click here for more information...

Feed For Thought - Summer Compounds

As you will see, we have a full compliment of summer products of the highest quality available to you. If you feed your cows a compound during the summer it is worth making sure that the product that you are using is fit for the purpose that you are trying to achieve.

When feeding a cake, you should ensure it is of the best quality on the market - this is what we supply. Fixed formulations, no substitutions is our promise. In these uncertain times of volatile raw material markets, and with the least cost formulation rationing done by many of our competitors and all the other jiggery pockery that goes on in our industry, you can be sure, that from us, what we say is what you will get. Who else gives you that promise but actually stands by it - only we do!

Amino Pro-Tek

In order to maintain high yields in the Spring producers need to fine tune the overall ration, but this must be cost effective. One route that has worked well for many dairy farmers is to add Amino Pro-Tek to the diet. This is a sugar mineral complex that is non GM and fits in well to most feeding regimes. It works in the rumen and enables better use to be made of the protein in home grown forage, but especially in conjunction with high protein spring grass.

We have in previous years seen improvements in milk yield of 1.8 to 2.5 litres per head per day in average and high yielding herds where Amino Pro-Tek has been included. Apart from increases in yield, it has also reduced blood ureas and improved fertility in some dairy herds. Please click here for more information...


With the weather hopefully set to improve many of you are getting prepared for silaging. How many of you would have preferred to make better silage than you did last year? We all know the weather wasn't everyone's friend last year but there are many things which can contribute to making better silage.

  • Repair your pit(s) - make any necessary repairs
  • Check & clean channels - making sure they are clean and working properly so that effluent is flushed away properly
  • Check gateways to the fields - any excess mud picked up on the way into the field can cause contamination later on
  • Service machinery & additive barrels - if using your own equipment make sure its in full working order. Cleaning out any remnants of rain water or last year additive will also reduce contamination
  • Contractors - if booking a contractor make sure he is fully aware of how you want your silage doing - remember you're the one paying the bill - a good relationship is crucial to get the silage you want!

The ideal silage dry matter is 27%, but how can you reach this. The tips below may be of some use:

  • Try to cut when dry - the best time is usually after 12pm once the sun has had a chance to dry up the dew.
  • Don't cut too low - setting the rakes and tedders correctly to avoid the ground will reduce spoilage from contamination
  • Roll the pit between loads as you fill to ensure there are no air pockets. If rolling in the evening do no more than an hour and cover every night. 20 minutes is all it takes for the oxygen to be used up, before the lactic acid fermentation kicks in to start making good silage.
  • Never roll the morning after as this will squeeze out the carbon dioxide and sucks in fresh air, starting the butyric fermentation leading to poorer quality silage.
  • Seal the clamp properly - consider using CLAMPFILM to suck all the excess air out before top sheeting and weighing down.

Remember - getting it right now will have a good impact on how it should feed later in the year.


The secret as all farmers know is an 'air tight clamp is a safe clamp'. An anerobic fermentation is essential for making good silages, it is this fermentation process that uses up the oxygen in the clamp sucking the CLAMPFILM onto the surface of the silage, and in effect 'vacuum-packing' the feed. Normal black silage sheeting is not flexible enough to contact the silage in every dip and hollow, and is also oxygen permeable and therefore rarely forms a complete seal. Please click here for more information...

Silage Additives

If you haven't already booked your silage additive yet - give the office a call to discuss ECOSYL.

Our sales of Ecosyl have increased tenfold over the last 18 months - surely those customers who choose to use it can't be wrong. We would like you to join our increasing list of very happy and satisfied customers.

If your silage is looking wet or may be contaminated you may want to consider:

ADD-F NON-CORROSIVE - One of the best known and respected of all acid silage preservatives, Add-F, is now available in a non-corrosive formula from us, called Add-F NC (for non-corrosive). Originally developed by BP forty years ago, Kemira Chemicals have now taken over production and have made it far safer by using their proven gaseous ammoniation buffering process to remove the adverse effects that the old Add-F had on machinery and skin.

Add - F NC is ideal for: All silages that are low in sugar and/or have a high nitrate level and/or wet and contaminated grass

Add-F NC is 80% formic acid, known for many years as the most effective and rapid silage preservative. Formic acid treatment is often used as the benchmark when research scientists test the effectiveness of silage additives because of its known reliability and predictability. Unfortunately handling and corrosion problems have made it increasingly unpopular for farm use. Kemira has a good name for developing effective farmer and environmentally friendly products so we expect the new formulation to regain its former popularity. Now available in 205 and 1000 litre containers. We can usually deliver within 48 hours.

We choose to sell only the best.


Prices appear to have eased a little this month. To get the best out of your animals our minerals are a must for all diets. As with our compounds and blends our minerals are only of the finest quality. Custom minerals are a speciality of ours so why not give us a call and ask us to price up the mineral you are currently using.




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