Efficient utilisation of forage always has been fundamental to producing milk at least cost/litre - never more so than at the current time. Mixed forage rations are an important means of positively changing the basic diet, especially for the high yielding cow.

Nothing can be done at this stage as far as the grass component of the mix is concerned, but this year most should be of good quality. Decisions on when to cut and how to treat maize silage will still have a significant effect on how effective it is in giving production responses. Targets of 30% dry matter and 30% starch are important, as is ensuring that the silage is spread in 6"-10" layers at the pit, rolled well and sealed efficiently. However, there is something else that can be done

- treat the maize silage with DoubleAction Ecocorn.

DoubleAction Ecocorn is a combination of an inoculant to efficiently control the initial fermentation and an acid to restrict the potential for aerobic spoilage and dry matter loss during feedout. Both of these aspects contribute to more digestible DM being available to the cow and improvements of around 1.8 litres /cow/day have been obtained from MTD/1 treated silages.

Even a modest temperature rise of only 100C, with the face moving back 1 metre/week, can cause a loss in potential production of over 80 litres/tonne of silage - and you will not even be aware that this invisible loss has occurred! The acid salt component in DoubleAction Ecocorn directly inhibits yeast and mould growth, so reducing heating at feedout and minimising further energy loss. A recent article in Farmers Weekly detailed results of an MGA trial showing responses of around 20p/cow/day (£36/cow over the winter) following DoubleAction Ecocorn treatment, due to reductions in dry matter loss during fermentation and air exposure. On farm experience has also found a positive improvement in the stability of treated forage in the trough, giving a more even TMR intakes over the whole 24 hours and so more efficient and economic forage utilisation.

Liquid application requires no premixing, is safe to handle, non-corrosive (pH 6.0) and will remain stable for 48 hours. Dry product is applied at 400g/t. Both the cans and bags each treat 50t of maize.

Optimising the feeding potential of the forage component in the diet is crucial in terms of margin/litre and DoubleAction Ecocorn use on your maize silage has been shown to make a real, consistent and economic contribution to achieving this especially with the high yielding cow.

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