July 2018 Newsletter

Running short on forages: Speak to us about the following:

Forage Saver Blend (14% Protein)

Just as the name suggested this Forage Saver Blend is for use with your own forages to extend them. Feed at 2kgs/animal/day to replace 10kgs of average quality silage. When fed at this rate it can save over 60t of silage/month on a 100 cow herd + followers. This is the perfect alternative when silage stocks are getting low and general stock feeds are short in supply. Available in bulk only.

Dried Lucerne Bales

High in quality effective structural fibre. It improves rumen function and provides a floating mat in the rumen. 88% dry matter, which stimulates dry matter intake. Provides the scratch factor in the ration without reducing the nutrient density or bulk of the diet like straw does. Increases saliva production, which contains high levels of natural bicarbonate to help buffer the rumen and reduce acidosis. Consistently high in quality proteins.

Nutritionally Improved Straw (NIS)

A 6mm pellet made from cereal straw which has been alkali treated. The treatment increases the digestibility of the straw fibre by 30%. The pelleting process increases potential dry matter intake. Includes enough effective fibre to balance high sugar/starch diets, without depressing dry matter intake. Has nearly double the energy content and is 30% more digestible than straw.

Silaboost (19% Protein)

Silaboost with Brewers Grains being quoted in the high £60/t which works out a nearly £300/t of dry matter, with cereal crop yields being constantly downgraded, and many farmers already looking at reduced silage stocks, may we introduce a ‘now for something completely different’ take on “what to do”? Silaboost is a fully mineralised product. It is to be mixed with silage as a replacement at 1kg for 4kgs of silage. As long as dietary fibre levels are maintained, it’s possible to replace up to 15kgs of silage per cow/day. This works out cheaper than adding Brewers Grains, it’s a much higher quality feed, and will allow cows to increase both the energy AND protein of their diet through this strange weather patterns of 2018.

Take advantage of the improved milk price, and help your cows not only get through the shortages, but actually improve their productivity, milk quality, profitability and well-being. Silaboost – why not settle for more?

Available in bulk only as either a blend or pellet.


To discuss any of these products, along with your other on farm requirements please call GP Feeds on 01948 661602 or use our text line number 07969 808188

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