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At the end of June we concluded our first ten years of successful trading in an extremely competitive agricultural industry.

When, in 1999, Gareth, Gavin and Ken opened up the office for the first time, we all wondered where this journey would take us. Certain people within the trade thought we were unstable of mind to attempt to trade and we wouldn't last 12 months. We now know that some of those people have left the industry so perhaps it was not us who were unstable of mind!

Our focussed intentions from the onset were very clear and precise. We wanted to supply products that were of excellent quality and containing quality ingredients so that our farmer customers would be able to produce top quality milk, beef and lamb. So our motto was born - QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR QUALITY PRODUCTION. We searched for a long time to find a supplier who could fulfil our high expectations of fixed formulations and fixed pricing for all our compounds and blends. Only one, SC Feeds Ltd, were willing to agree to all our requests and so a relationship was formed that has flourished over the past ten years to mutual benefit.

Over the past 10 years British Agriculture has been through and continues to go through an unprecedented period. Not only the problems associated with BSE, Foot and Mouth and TB, we have also experienced low returns for all products coupled with rising costs.

T’was in the year of ninety nine,
That Gareth had a dream,
To own a company so very fine,
So he worked upon a theme.

Quality products will be our goal,
For farmers to produce the best,
And so it proved within the role,
Suppliers of goods better than the rest.

So as we concluded our first ten years,
With a huge ‘thank you’ to one and all,
The forthcoming times hold no fears,
With customers like you
we’ll all walk tall.

Throughout this period we have been blessed with numerous customers who have been trading with us since the early days and these, along with all our other customers, have helped us to trade successfully and be a service to the industry within our trading area.

Where will the next ten years lead us? We hope we shall prove to be as successful as in the last ten years but we feel this will have to be achieved with fewer livestock farmers. We may have to adjust our thinking and look to new trading ideas and opportunities. We believe we shall still be here in ten years time serving the farming community in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, North Wales and other counties throughout the UK.

Thanks to all our customers, without you we would be nobody, with you we feel we are a force to be reckoned with - THANK YOU!


Should You be investing in an additive for your wholecrop or maize ?

As you consider your options over the next few months there are 2 facts to take on board

1) The Typical Dry Matter Loss from the maize silage process (from field to cow) is recognised as being at least 20%. These losses at 32% Dry Matter can be represented as follows. Remember that wholecrop is harvested a lot dryer at around 45% so the losses are likely to be greater.

So for every 50 acres of maize you have planted, 10 acres are unlikely to ever see the cows

2) Recent figures put the value of maize in a ration at around £100/tonne of Dry Matter

So you are unlikely to reduce losses by increasing your yield


  • Fill clamp with long ramp in thin layers
  • Roll continuously… no dual wheels
  • Only lengthen chop under 30% DM
  • With a late crop, chop under 1cm
  • Fill in one day or sheet at night
  • Apply Ecocorn with a focus on the top half
  • Use double top and enveloped side sheet
  • Use New Clamp Film under the black plastic
  • Top weight must be consistant

Apply Ecocorn Double Action for conventional liquid or Dry application


The New Ecocorn Varicool for low volume application

Ecocorn Treatment … The Facts and Figures from Independent Trials

You can reduce typical Energy Losses from £90 down to £45/acre so saving £45 /acre. You can increase Milk Yield By £90/acre (assuming: 18t/acre:25p/L:50/50maize,grass). Cost of treatment £26/acre so a 5:1 return after product cost can be achieved

SO give us a call on 01948 661602 for Ecocorn , Clampfilm or just for good advice.

Brewers Grains Update

Demand remains high for Brewers Grains, and if the lovely weather of late continues we could see demand become higher leading to shortages - if you are interested in Brewers Grains you need to call the office today without delay.

Pressed Pulp Reminder

Early offer price now available. Contact the office on 01948 661602 to express your interest and place your orders. Click here for more information on Pressed Pulp...



A rumen stable fat in a granular form for high performance dairy cows, made from fractionated palm oil fatty acids: entirely vegetable, without a carrier, 99% fat content! The most competitively priced fat on the market for M.E. and C16 content. Click here for more information on Goldstar...

Comments from one of our customers using Goldstar:

"I was using energizer RP10, but switched to Goldstar 98 following Gareth Perkin's recommendation

We were feeding quality fresh grass along with the Energiser RP10 and producing a reasonable result, we then switched to Goldstar 98 and the milk litres went up. We are now feeding lesser quality grass, and the milk has continued to stay up and the cows are looking really well.

We have also noticed that Goldstar 98 makes a much better mix than our previous fat. I would recommend Goldstar 98 to anyone who uses a high C16 fat - and it's cheaper per tonne than its competitors."


Now is the time to be keeping a watchful eye on your herd for HEAT STRESS.

Heat Stress can have a damaging affect on:

  • Feed intakes
  • Reduced milk production
  • Other health implications

Heat Stress is triggered by not only temperature but also humidity. When the Temperature Humidity Index reaches 72 or above - problems may become an issue.

What to look out for:

  • Elevated breathing - look at individual cows breathing, if more than 40% have faster breather this could indicate a problem
  • Reduced Dry Matter intake - usually between 8 - 12%
  • Reduced milk litres - usually between 5 - 20%
  • Reduced butterfat levels

How to reduce Heat Stress:

  • Increase fresh water availability - especially in the collecting yard and also when the leave the parlour. Cows can easily drink 100 litres of water a day. High yielding cows are more prone to heat stress due to higher feed intakes, so will drink more water.
  • Keep an eye on the temperature - when it gets above 26?C intakes often reduce, try buffer feeding early morning or late evening when temperature are generally lower. You could also consider feeding smaller amount but more often to prevent feed heating up and reducing intakes further.
  • Look at the ration - make changes if necessary. High quality forages digest faster so produce less heat. Also consider enriching the cows diet with fat to make it more energy dense.
  • Minerals - salt and other essential minerals can be lost during heat stress - make sure you are feeding adequate mineral levels.
  • Provide shade - especially for higher yielders and dry cows. Keep them out of the midday sun and allow them out at night.
  • Ensure there is enough ventilation in the collecting yard.
  • Increase airflow in the housing by removing parts of side panels and roof ridges to increase air exit points.
  • Reduce walking distance to the parlour, and also time spent waiting in the collecting yard.


Various minerals are required for growth, bone formation, reproduction and many other body functions. Those that are required in fairly large amounts include Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Potassium. Those that are required in very small yet crucial amounts include Iodine, Copper, Zinc, Sulphur and selenium. Mineral content is affected by the type and quality of the feedstuff. Adding supplementary minerals to the ration is usually required to ensure that the proper amounts of these elements are available to the animal. The type of supplementary mineral mix required is determined by the feeds in the ration and the animals requirements. Deficiency symptoms can be poor growth, poor conception rates, brittle bones, muscle tremors, lameness and general poor condition, which will mean added cost to you the farmer.

On most of the farms that we visit, the minerals being supplied by other suppliers, are just NOT delivering the amount of mineral that the modern dairy cow requires. We have products that address this situation and it is important that you also talk to us about dry cow minerals. The dry period is the most crucial time for ensuring that the cow and unborn calf have the daily required intake of vitamins and minerals. This will affect the subsequent lactation and will determine whether the cow experiences feet problems in the weeks following calving.

We are competitively priced on minerals, so please give us a call on 01948 661602, so that we may quote you on your existing mineral or is you wish a customized one to fit all your needs.


The foundation of any good quality yielding herd, is only as good as the youngstock you replace into it. It is vital that your herd's next generation is fed correctly in order to be an asset to your business.

From weaning off milk or milk replacers, all of your animals should continue to grow quickly in the most economical and profitable way. This must include checking their weight throughout their lives to ensure that target weights are being met. Failure to reach target weights will lead to small heifers at bulling, small heifers at calving and small heifers at the lactating stage.

To help maintain growth and health here at GP Feeds we have a range of products, whether it be a quality coarse calf mix to get a good foundation for replacement stock, maybe a heifer rearing nut or even an economical ration to keep them up to standard ready for exporting, we have something to suit all your needs. These products, when fed alongside quality forage, will ensure that all aspects of growth patterns throughout the various stages of their young lives will be taken care of.

As with all our feeds the ingredients have been carefully chosen for digestibility, with well balanced starch and sugars and quality protein sources, along with FIXED FORMULATIONS.

Phone the office today on 01948 661602 to discuss your Youngstock needs.




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