EXCEL range of dairy feed

As regular readers know already GP Feeds only deal in quality compounds and blends. This was enhanced in the spring of 2003 when we launched a top of the range spring version of our highly acclaimed EXCEL range of dairy feed. This diet took up 80% of our spring and summer sales and was so successful it forms the flagship of our spring and summer range for this year. Within the range will be a product to suit every need from low protein, high energy diets to top class highly digestible diets containing only the best ingredients. We continue our policy of using no fillers or strange products within our rations and we again give our GUARANTEE OF FIXED PRICES AND FIXED FORMULATIONS until September 2004. All our compounds have been carefully formulated with only top quality energy and protein sources being included so giving you very high energy products that only need to be fed in minimal amounts to balance your forage. Top quality and up to date nutrition has been used to produce what we feel is the highest quality range available giving the best value for money. Prices and contracts are now available please ring the office or your agent for details.

It has long been established that highly digestible products such as SugarbeetCitrus and Soya Hulls are advantageous to stock during the spring by slowing down the rate of progress of forage through the rumen. This results in the best use of that forage and the best economic return. Another product over the past four years has also proved itself as an aid to higher milk production. This product, called AMINO PRO-TEK, is used to utilise all the excess protein in the cows rumen and converts it to extra yield and milk protein. A self explanatory sheet is attached for your attention but if you would like further details on how to get the best out of your cows intakes please ring the office.