Since their introduction last summer these products have proved to be very effective in promoting health and production in high performing dairy cows. This is no surprise. Highlight all the areas in the table where minerals and vitamins have an effect on cow health in the dry period. The Excel products contain high levels of the required minerals and vitamins to match the high yielding cow's needs.

Excel Dry Cow Rolls are also formulated using top quality raw materials specially selected for the dry cow. Many users of the Excel products have commented on the easier calvings, better cleansing and the subsequent performance of cows receiving these products. The benefits take a while to appear so the products need to be fed correctly for the right length of time. 

We have looked closely at other companies dry cow products since last summer and we can say with confidence that Excel Dry cow range is the best bar none. Check out the price and specification of other dry cow products and compare to Excel. Case proven.