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New Products

With the price of milk now averaging over 26p/litre, every litre you produce is now well worth sending to your milk buyer. This may seem an obvious statement but we suggest that some whole milk is being used on farm that could earn you more profit.

On dairy farms where traditional calf rearing takes place we believe a fair percentage are being reared on whole milk. This could be for a number of accountable reasons but the bottom line is that you could rear your calves on a reputable milk replacer, instead of whole milk, cheaper and with a quicker growth rate. Rearing replacement heifers a few years ago was cheaper on whole milk because of the low price being given for milk against the relatively high cost of a milk replacer. This has now changed and the cost of milk replacers can be below half the cost of whole milk.

Most manufacturers of milk replacer have a range of once or twice a day feeding, bucket or machine feeding and for specific growth rates. We supply and recommend the VOLAC range of milk powders with its three main products:





(Mixed@100gms/litre water)
11.8 pence 26.00 pence 14.2 pence


200 cow herd rearing 50 replacements per annum, weaning @ 5 weeks and traditionally feeding 4½ litres of whole milk per day would save £1120 per year (over £22 per calf).

For more information on VOLAC cost effective milk replacers please call the office on 01948 661602.


We still have the following products available. Prices for all these products are subject to delivery areas, so please call the office on 01948 661602 for up to date prices. Available in 20t and 29t loads tipped.

Stockfeed Potatoes (Stone free & clean)

Grown for human food consumption, with excess and substandard potatoes sold as stockfeed. When available they make an ideal supplement to forage. Contains good energy and excellent starch levels. The protein level is 10 -11%, with half of this being in the form of non-protein nitrogen compounds. Potatoes are a poor source of minerals.

Storage / Processing

If storing outside, try to prevent frost damage by clamping or covering with straw.

Fodderbeet (Stone free & clean)

Can produce more dry matter / acre than cereal grains. A sugar rich energy feed for ruminants but the composition can vary. Soil contamination must be avoided to prevent digestive upsets as should excessive feeding. The digestive upsets are due to excessive sugar in the rumen and / or mineral imbalance. Chopping enhances intakes and ruminants relish the root due to its succulence and sugar content.

Storage / Processing

If storing outside, try to prevent frost damage by clamping or covering with straw.

Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp

A palatable forage and partial concentrate extender. Ideal for ruminants, but not pigs and poultry. With a typical DM of 20 > 30% this product is a useful energy feed for dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep. Ideal for use in complete feeds or for use as a midday feed. This buffer feed and moist concentrate is a high energy succulent to supplement silage when supplies are limited or the quality poor. Pressed Pulp improves the energy density of rations based on straw and hay. In complete diet systems, its high energy density and physical nature enhance the quality of the mix.


Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp can be fed to most farm livestock in a wide range of feeding situations. Whether used as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), as a sole concentrate feed or as a forage replacer, care should be taken to ensure a good long fibre source is present and that the minerals are correctly balanced, particularly for phosphorus, which tends to be short on sugar beet products.

  • Dairy Cows - up to 20 kg per head per day.
  • Beef Cattle - up to 20 kg per head per day
  • Sheep - up to 3 kg per head per day can be used for ewes and fattening lambs.

Storage / Processing

Ensure all air and water is excluded when ensiling to successfully store the product.

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In an industry dogged recently by very unpredictable extremes of weather and costs rising ever faster than the return for what is produced on farm, you may be surprised to learn that we are attracting more new buyers for Ecosyl and Ecocorn than ever before - our sales in 2008 more than Doubled

So why are these products so successful in a sceptical market?

  • A clear and effective product range covering the range of your requirements, with each being supported by proof and in most cases being the market leader at a realistic prices
  • The Ecosyl Product Range is manufactured exclusively in the UK and delivered to over 20 countries worldwide.
  • Ecosyl Products Ltd was awarded The Queens Award for Industry in 2007 in recognition of its role in assisting dairy farmers to improve efficiency.
  • Ecosyl is the only silage inoculant in the world with milk production improvement claims supported by 15 totally independent full scale trials.
  • Ecosyl is the only product Guaranteed on the label to apply 1 million bacteria per gram of forage treated.
  • Ecosyl ultra low volume formulation is the only ULV product declared to apply at 1 million/gramme. Their ULV applicator The Ecosyler was developed in partnership with Claas and has proved to be the First Choice of contractors
  • The Double Action Range for dry grass and wholecrop/maize contains the food preservative Potassium Sorbate to reduce heating. Double Action Ecosyl and Double Action Ecocorn have received acclaim from both Kingshay and the Maize Growers Association, for keeping silages cooler for longer.

So if you are an additive user, planning to spend for 2009, why not follow our lead and buy guaranteed quality and a product proven beyond doubt to produce more milk or meat.

If you don't usually buy an additive, let us show you the evidence behind the products. With forage for 2009 set to be worth nearly double what it cost this year, the return for treating with Ecosyl or Ecocorn has never been higher - so pick up that phone and give us a call on 01948 661602 to discuss your requirements.


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We take this opportunity of thanking every one of you who has supported us with your trade over the past years. We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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