GP Feeds first supplied PH Bourne & Partners, Stoke Hall, Nantwich with a 'Rolls Royce' product our Dairy 10,000 litre nuts in December 2002 and this was fed up until turn out, Dave Bourne then went onto our new summer ration Excel 16 nuts, and stayed on the Excel 16 nuts until the cows came in. Following a very successful summer feeding programme, Excel 20 nuts was recommended to compliment the winter forage.

When you look at the Milkminder figures below I hope you will be suitably impressed. With no change to feeding systems it is a straight like for like comparison of one year to the next.

Competitor 2001 - 2002 GP Feeds 2002 - 2003
Milk litres (rolling yield) 8,272 8,412
Butterfat % 3.92 4.00
Protein % 3.24 3.29
Concentrate / kg / litre 0.26 0.24
Feed Cost pence / per litre 3.65 3.56

Dave Bourne's summarises his reasons for changing to GP Feeds:

  • I was most impressed by the fact the company guaranteed fixed formulations, a factor no other company could offer.
  • Operating a high forage system, the feeds physical and nutritional consistency is essential to avoid unnecessary digestive upsets, which I have suffered in the past from other companies operating a least cost formulation as their normal practice.
  • The physical pellet quality has been excellent, whichever diet I have used according to the season.
  • I have been delighted with the health, yield and milk quality of the herd since changing to GP Feeds and a conception rate of 68% to first service against the national average of below 38%. I believe this can only be achieved with the right nutritionally balanced diet and fixed formulations.
  • It is comforting to know that every delivery is exactly the same ration as the last.
  • I would have no hesitation in recommending GP Feeds to any other farmer, for the professional personal service, great products and the very efficient way the company conducts themselves.

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