The Goodwin family entrusted GP Feeds with the dairy cow nutrition and what a turn around we have seen. We took the herd off the Atkins diet, which was to feed large amounts of high protein cake at each milking. Our recommendation was to use a high energy custom made TMR blend which was formulated to complement and balance home grown forages. The blend is made up from Sugarbeet, Brazilian Soya, Rapemeal, Wheat, Processed B Maize, Supagold Biscuitmeal, Palm Kernel, Barley, Sopralin, Megalac and Molasses which gave us a total energy of 13.7 ME/KG DM. This blend is made available to the cows 24 hours a day, and at milking times a small amount of HE Supreme 20 Nuts, containing Wheat, Brazilian Soya, Scottish Wheat Distillers, Rapemeal, Maize Gluten, Sugarbeet, Supagold Biscuitmeal, Processed B Maize, Molasses, Hi Spec Dairy Mineral, Megalac and Fat Blend is fed to the cows on a step system.

On average an extra £25,000 A YEAR has been made for the past 3 years (Milk Minder figures). Milk output has improved from 7,217 litres per cow to 9,130 litres per cow. Butterfat and milk protein has been maintained whilst the conception rate has increased at 1st serving from 55% to 69%. This improvement in conception rates has been particularly noticeable since moving into the new shed 3 months ago. 

The results shown are a direct result of our company policy of a FIXED FORMULATION diet NO SUBSTITUTIONS and practical nutritional advice.

Consistency is the key says Andrew "Each load whether it be blend or compound is exactly the same as the last. We used to have cases of dietary upset from other companies using least cost formulation programming. I can honestly say that this hasn't happened with GP Feeds. It is amazing to think that these are the same cows as 3 years ago. I didn't realise the potential in them, just by changing my feeding system and now feeding them properly with the right raw materials, the figures speak for themselves! I am pleased to be working alongside GP Feeds, we are moving onwards and upwards now." 

Future targets are:

  • 10,000 litre average per cow
  • Increase butterfat
  • Reduce the days to first serving, by improved detection thus lowering the calving index. 
  • Expand the herd up to 400 cows in the next few years.

If you would like to know more about how we can enhance your business please don't be shy, give us a ring on 01948 661602 or e-mail us on We can put together a feed plan for your farm that will give you the performance the Goodwin family would be proud of.