BREWERS GRAINS / SUPERGRAINS - Do's & Don'ts of pitting Grains with silage

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Do's & Don'ts of pitting Grains with silage


  • Use a concrete base and sides
  • Clean the silo and surrounding area before use
  • Control or collect effluent
  • Compact to produce a firm mass with restricted air movement
  • Seal sides and top to prevent air ingress
  • Weight the top sheet with a layer of bales
  • Use opened clamps at a suitable rate
  • Routinely clean up the face and remove any soiled material from surrounding area


  • Use poorly drained areas
  • Leave residues from a previous clamp to contaminate new material
  • Ignore effluent
  • Underestimate the losses associated with poor compaction
  • Take a short-sighted view of sheeting requirements
  • Weight the top unevenly and produce air pockets
  • Rely on a loose sheet to prevent aerobic spoilage
  • Forget the importance of feed hygiene