Hoof disorders in cows is recognised as being a major problem by farmers and vets.
It is well known that biotin improves hoof strength in pigs and horses and now there is mounting evidence that equal findings apply to cattle.

Many studies have shown how biotin improves the strength of hoof horn and, could result in improved healing of sole ulcers.

Biotin has been shown to influence the differentiation of epidermal cells into hoof horn. In addition it boosts the production of keratin and it stimulates the production of intracellular cementing substance. Intracellular cementing substance is a vital component of non- tubular horn, such as is found in the white line and this is perhaps why biotin supplementation has a major effect on white line disease.

We have been including biotin into rations, at the farmers request now, for some time. The recommended amount of biotin supplemented into a mineral is: 10 - 20 mg/ per cow per day which equals 2 - 4p per cow per day or an extra £3 per tonne as a finished compound / blend.

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