August 2010 NEWSLETTER

Due to the volatility of the market at the present time we felt it was unwise to send out a August newsletter as the information in it would probably be out of date by the time you read it.

However, as you know, we are continually striving to help all our customers / prospects to make better margins. Over the past 12 months one of our new customers in the Sandbach area has seen some dramatic improvements in all aspects of his dairy herd performance.

"Less is more" is the slogan this dairy farmer has put to the profile of our feeds and all because of the following:

  1. Feed rate reduced by 25%
  2. Fertility has improved and the calving index is down by 30 days
  3. Increase of milk litres of 16% over the whole herd

These 3 key points have happened over the past 12 months, since changing from a competitors to our feeds. All the above aspects have given the whole family a boost and the encouragement to take the business forward and invest in their future. This farmer is so confident that our quality feeds have more than helped to achieve his results, he is happy to share them with anyone else who would like to talk to him. This will be on a farmer to farmer basis, in confidence, with no input from GP feeds, other than making the appointment. If you are interested in how to boost your profits like this farmer just ring us on 01948 661602 so that we can make an appointment for your informal private 'one to one'.




Gareth or Rachel (Office)
01948 661602 Fax 01948 871776