• If you are buying a blend….. please check your recent declaration tickets, are you really buying what you thought you were?
  • Are the cows being fed what you agreed with your Feed Company Rep?
  • Has the ration been changed without your consent?
  • Expand the herd up to 400 cows in the next few years.
  • Are the ingredients being used because they are cheap for the Feed Company to buy?
  • Is this affecting your milk cheque and your vets bill?

With GP Feeds we guarantee that the ingredients in your fixed formulation won’t change, unless you or your cows tell us to change it.

Therefore you can be guaranteed of a Fixed Formulation especially made to meet your individual requirements. If you answer no to one of the following questions, maybe you should be talking to GP FEEDS.

  • Are your cows producing the quality of milk that you require?
  • Are your cows getting in calf to first service?
  • Are your cows feet in good condition?
  • Are you seeing a lot of bulling?
  • Are your cows looking very healthy?
  • Are you seeing less of your Vet?

Every day, we are talking to farmers who have been putting up with the above and now they don’t have to. Why put up with it? Its up to you!

If you would like to know more about how we can enhance your business please don't be shy, give us a ring on 01948 661602 or e-mail us on We can put together a feed plan for your farm that will give you the performance to be proud of.