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KENTAURUS Silage maize - The ultra early heavyweight

This variety matures very early without the usual yield penalty of other early varieties. The combination of high yield with above average M.E. means KENTAURUS produces more energy per acre than any other early variety. This coupled with the highest starch yield of any variety, bar one late variety, makes it an outstanding maize. In fact NIAB have been so impressed by it they have given it their award for the most outstanding variety of 2010. To obtain the optimum plant population it is recommended to be sown at 43,000 seeds per acre.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra early - Predicted NIAB Group 11
  • Ultra early NIAB Group 12 (less favourable sites)
  • Highest yield performance of all ultra early hybrids at almost 18 t/ha DM Yield
  • FAO 160 (The FAO number system is a standard measure of earliness which takes account of both cob ripeness and stay green. The lower the number the earlier the maturity)
  • Excellent silage quality at 11.4 ME, combined with leading starch yields
  • Extremely high starch content over 37 %
  • Excellent whole plant digestibility over 70 %
  • High cob : stover ratio
  • Compact, stable plant type
  • Strong vigour

KENTAURUS is certainly a variety that needs considering - if you need more information please phone the office on 01948 661602 or your usual agent.

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KENTAURUS Silage maize, The ultra early heavyweight

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