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GP Feeds dry cow tubs should be an essential part of your management strategy as they contain high levels of Vitamins and Minerals.

Vitamin A

A constant dietary supply is essential for the general well being of the animal, it has a vital role in growth, reproduction, resistance to infections and parasitic diseases. It is essential for skin development, normal vision and the development of bones in growing animals.

Vitamin D

Synthesised in the skin of farm animals through the action of solar ultra violet radiation, associated with calcium and phosphorus metabolism, deficiency indirectly gives rise to rickets.

Vitamin E

Anti sterility vitamin, deficiency in young animals gives rise to muscular dystrophy or white muscle disease, main role is prevention of damage to cell membrane.


The correct balance of Calcium and Phosphorus has been applied and protected forms of Selenium, Copper and Zinc provide the strongest binding combination together with Cobalt, Iodine, Manganese and Magnesium for optimum health.

Available in 20kg tubs, the daily uptake of GP Feeds dry cow mineral is 100 - 150 gms per day and a projected daily cost of just 6 - 9 pence per day.

For the health of your dairy herd we provide a very strong package that has been specifically targeted to meet the daily requirement for Vitamins and Minerals, this exceeds many of our competitor's products and is essential for the successful management of the dry cow.

We have all the latest technology and information built into our dry cow products which include EXCEL PRE-CALVER ROLLS, EXCEL DRY COW MINERALS, and DRY COW MINERAL TUBS, to put your herd onto the right track. 5 pence per litre of milk is the average cost of health problems in this country and at least 2 pence per litre can be saved by good dry cow management. This means that for every 100 cow herd with an average milk yield you could have a potential extra income of £12,000 per year.


Please telephone GP Feeds today on 01948 661602 for further details because you dairy herd needs your vote to win the election for first class health.

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