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Milk replacer

We supply and recommend the VOLAC range of calf milk powders. They have a range of once or twice a day feeding, bucket or machine feeding and for specific growth rates. With its three main products being:

Blossom Range

Protein 23% Oil 18%
Ash 7.5% Fibre 0%

Forms the heart of the Volac range of calf milk replacers since it's launch in the early 90's. It is formulated to achieve the required growth rates to maximise lifetime performance for both dairy and beef calves.

  • Blossom Easymix (20kg bags) is ideal for once or twice day feeding and some ad lib systems requiring an instant mixing powder.
  • Blossom Freeflow (25kg bags) is ideal for use through the Volac automatic calf feeder and any feeder requiring a free-flowing type powder.

Mixing rate

100 grams of milk replacer in one litre of mixed milk (ie 10% solids, equivalent to one pound in one gallon of mixed milk).

Blossom Range

Enerlac Range

Protein 20% Oil 20%
Ash 8% Fibre 0%
Copper 10 mg/kg Selenium 0.4 mg/kg
Vitamin A 25,000 lu/kg Vitamin D3 6,000 lu/kg
Vitamin E 250 lu/kg    

Developed specifically for modern beef enterprises and traditional dairy units to give exceptionally cost effective growth rates. The formulation is high in lactose and oil levels to provide a very high energy feed for well grown, good looking calves. Particularly suited to use with automatic rearing systems.

  • Enerlac Instant (20kg bags) is ideal for once or twice day feeding and some ad lib systems requiring an instant mixing powder.
  • Enerlac Freeflow (25kg bags) is ideal for use through the Volac automatic calf feeder and any feeder requiring a freeflowing type powder.
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Protein 26% Oil 16%
Ash 7% Fibre 0%

Developed specifically for the modern dairy heifer calf and offers very high levels of pure dairy protein, lactose and a specially selected blend of vegetable oils.

Heiferlac has been formulated after careful consideration of the effect the first few weeks of life can have on the modern dairy cow when she joins the milking herd. It helps deliver the rapid early frame growth necessary to achieve high target weights to bulling and beyond.

Ideal for once and twice a day feeding, cold ad-lib (pH 5.8) and some ad-lib systems requiring an instant mixing powder. Heiferlac is available as an instant mixing milk powder in 20 kg bags.

Mixing rate

150 grams of milk replacer in one litre of mixed milk (ie 15% solids, equivalent to one and a half pounds in one gallon of mixed milk).



Volac Milk Replacers - A unique package of Nutritionally Supierior Products


Concentrated Milk Protein (CMP)

CMP contains a high proportion of 'true' protein and has an amino acid balance closely matching the calf's requirements

Essential calcium and phosphorous without high levels of less desirable minerals

More efficient use of protein.

Feed at a higher concentration without increasing risk of scour

Improved calf performance and health, which means more cost effective growth

For dairy calves achieve 2 year calving target - worth £50/month saved

For beef calves more calves reared per unit per year

Calves have better bloom for increased market prices

Reduced medication cost

"Trouble free rearing"

Processed under strictly controlled temperature conditions

Integrity of the protein is retained and digestibility is high

Biologically important globular proteins (immunoglobulins) retained in the powder

High value, highly digestible proteins

Carefully researched blend of Fat / Oil

Selected to have good physical characteristics and high nutritional value

Excellent nutritional value

Co-spray drying of the liquid oil allows excellent emulsification and homogenisation

Small fat globule size in the finished product and improved fat digestibility

Improved intakes of nutrients

High Vitamin E and Selenium levels

These support the calf's immune system and antioxidant status

Helping to improve the calf's natural defences and fight off challenges

Increased resistance to disease, helps maintain a heathier calf and reduce medication cost.

Finished milk replacers are mildly acidified and also contain Gardion

Organic acid and the plant extract alliin, help to create the right conditions for beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Easy mixing labour saving

In-line instantanisation

Ensures excellent mixing characteristics

Consistent liquid milk quality

Improved calf health and growth

Double Pasteurisation

Destroys most of the bacteria which can be present in whole milk

Significantly reduced risk of exposure to bacteria which can cause disease (e.g. Johnes), compared with whole milk

Reduces risk of disease transfer via milk

Costs approx 15ppl to feed

10ppl cheaper than current milk price

£16 saving per calf through to weaning for bucket fed calves

The VOLAC Calf Management Guide is a comprehensive booklet designed to help calf rearers improve efficiency and performance (eBook)...

The best possible start, introducing the the Lifeguard milk formula range...

For more information on VOLAC cost effective milk replacers please call the office on 01948 661602.


Coarse Calf 16 Mix

Extremely palatable mixture fed ad lib from 2 days to 10 or 12 weeks of age. This mixture cannot be beaten for speedy growth and healthy, glossy coated calves...

Calf Starter 18 Pellets

3mm pellet to be introduced from 2 days of age and fed through to weaning. Carefully balanced for palatability and good healthy growth...

Supergro Heifer Rearing 20 Nuts

A specialist heifer replacement product to be fed from 10 or 12 weeks of age to calving. Well balance ration providing in excess of 1 - 1½ LWG per day. Especially recommended where straw forms the base forage...

GPF Heifer 18 Nuts

Popular and cost effective alternative to our Supergro Heifer Rearing 20 Nuts, still proving excellent results and uniform growth. This product is suitable for all types of youngstock...

GPF Beef 16 Nuts

Although primarily aimed at the beef market, the mineral pack can be changed to suit anytime of youngstock...


All these products are available in 25kg bags, 1t tote bags or bulk*. (*Coarse Calf 16 Mix not available in bulk)

As with all our feeds the ingredients have been carefully chosen for digestibility, with well balanced starch and sugars and quality protein sources, along with FIXED FORMULATIONS.

Phone the office today on 01948 661602 to discuss your Youngstock needs.

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