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Ideal for wet contaminated silages

One of the best known and respected of all silage preservatives, Add-F, is now available in a non-corrosive formula from us, called Add-F NC (for non-corrosive).

Originally developed by BP forty years ago, Kemira Chemicals have now taken over production and have made it far safer by using their proven gaseous ammoniation buffering process to remove the adverse effects that the old Add-F had on machinery and skin.

Add - F NC is ideal for:

  • All silages that are low in sugar and/or have a high nitrate level
  • Wet and contaminated grass, as per our current weather conditions

Add-F NC is 80% formic acid, known for many years as the most effective and rapid silage preservative. Formic acid treatment is often used as the benchmark when research scientists test the effectiveness of silage additives because of its known reliability and predictability. Unfortunately handling and corrosion problems have made it increasingly unpopular for farm use. Kemira has a good name for developing effective farmer and environmentally friendly products so we expect the new formulation to regain its former popularity.

Now available in 205 and 1000 litre containers. We can deliver within 48 hours. If you are interested in this product please contact Gareth at the office on 01948 661602.

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