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Following on from a Trident Feeds (British Sugar) meeting earlier this month we would like to bring the following to your attention. If you are a buyer of Sugarbeet as a straight, Trident's terms and conditions of trading Sugarbeet have now changed from how they have done so for the past 25 years.

It is now to be traded as any other straight, with prices being issued on a monthly / daily basis, and now being subject to market fluctuations.

Prices quoted will be for a contracted period and will have to be taken in the month you book it for. Trident will also be charging rent for any tonnage not taken in that contracted month. Rent will start at 25p per tonne for the 1st week following the end of a contracted month, then 50p per tonne for the 2nd week and then £1 per tonne thereafter.

So with this in mind, be careful when and whom you buy your Sugarbeet requirements from. Alternatively you could consider buying Citrus or Soya Hulls, as a replacement for Sugarbeet (please see specifications).

Artic prices delivered (Cheshire)

  • Sugarbeet £135 October - April 2010
  • Citrus £113 August - October, £112 November - April 2010
  • Soya Hulls £108 August - October, £114 November - April 2010

If you wish to have an informative chat with us please pick up the phone and call us on 01948 661602

All prices quoted are correct at time of 05/06/09 and subject to market fluctuations.


We will shortly be in a position to offer you early order contracts for new crop pressed pulp.

This excellent feed, doesn't usually get offered until later in the year, after Trident have secured the majority of dried feed orders.

Register your interest with office on 01948 661602 so that you don't miss out when prices are released.


Don't Forget The Sugars This Summer!

The need for sugars in the feed ration will be decreasing over the coming weeks as cows are put out to pasture and grass comes to the fore of the diet. However it is important to remember that grass quality decreases the further we get into summer as the stem to leaf ratio changes resulting in lower sugars and less energy. Even on good quality grazing grass the ME could drop by as much as 1-2 MJ/kg from spring to summer.

However, our molasses supplier TATE & LYLE can help us by supplementing one of our liquids into your herd's diet via a buffer feed. You can remedy the drop in sugars and ensure your high yielding animals continue to get the same energy intake. We recommend our energy rich products TATE & LYLE Cane Molasses, Caneflow and MolaFerm XL as ideal buffer liquids for grazing TMRs this summer.

As many of you will recall this time last year we recommended that you look at the use of molasses, and many of you did with great results and cost savings. We still believe molasses are a product to be considered. Call us today for a competitive quote on a very cost effective form of energy.

Remember - molasses perform various important roles with rations

  • Promotes high dry matter intakes with no substitution effect
  • Improves rumen fermentation
  • Excellent source of fermentable energy, making it suitable to balance rapidly digested protein sources, such as those contained in grass
  • Binds dusty ingredients and minimises waste
  • Highly palatable

So give us a call today to discuss your requirements on 01948 661602.

Let us send you a text that will save you Money!!

Many of you will not realise that from time to time here at GP Feeds Ltd we get offered "through the trade" various raw materials that are "under the market" in order for quick movement. Along the same lines we will sometimes commit to a set tonnage of material that needs to be moved by a certain date (when we do this it is always at discounted prices). These offers tend to be like buses, you don't see any for days then three come at once!

So that we can make the best of these offers we would like to know what feed products you use and also if you have a mobile phone or an e-mail address that is regularly used. Ideally we would like to send out text messages that will be short and to the point (we will not bombard you with texts) and relevant because we will only text the people that have told us they use that particular product. If you reply to the text great, and if you don't then nobody will chase you. We see this as a "win win" situation as we get to hopefully sell more product and you only get texts that are relevant to your business and you will get an offer that is under the market - and we all know that with current milk prices you cannot afford to miss a bargain.

In order for the above to work, someone from GP Feeds will be calling you over the summer to ask you about what feeds you use. The questions should only take 2 - 3 minutes to answer.

Also if you supply the information when we phone but then at a later date change your mind we can easily remove you from the texting / e-mailing list.

Feel free to contact us on 01948 661602 if you do not want to wait for us to ring you.


The PDF oils market is on fire at present. PDF oil makes up the majority of fats. Megalac has gone up £70/t in the last 2 months. We have bought forward Goldstar and CS Plus until September, both of these products are EXCLUSIVE TO GP FEEDS - you won't find them available through anyone else.



A rumen stable fat in a granular form for high performance dairy cows, made from fractionated palm oil fatty acids: entirely vegetable, without a carrier, 99% fat content! The most competitively priced fat on the market for M.E. and C16 content. Click here for further information...

CS Plus

CS Plus is a specially formulated fatty acid blend processed with a selected glucose preparation into a free flowing dust-free meal. It has been designed for raising BUTTERFATS in particular, whilst improving milk yield, maintaining cow condition and helping with fertility. Click here for further information...


There is a large demand for grains at present. We have loads available if grass becomes short, due to the weather - as grains are an ideal replacement.

Please call the office on 01948 661602 for prices.





Gareth or Rachel (Office)
01948 661602 Fax 01948 871776


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