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We have been appointed as a supplier of Maize Seed by one of the major distributors in this country.

On-going trials to access new varieties seem to suggest that earlier varieties are now not only cropping earlier but also without the yield penalty usually associated with early maturity. A lot of work over the past few years has also majored on enhancing the cell walls of the plant stem to make it more digestible (CWD). This will benefit by increasing the overall digestibility of the entire plant leading to better quality silage, higher intakes, more milk and increased profitability.

Varieties we shall be looking at particularly this year will be KENTAURUS (KWS) - very early, ES CAPRIS - early and ATRIUM (Limagrain) - mid season , as detailed below.

The seed will be treated with TAKE-OFF seed treatment which speeds up emergence, creates even establishment, roots and shoots are increased and has shown improved stress tolerance.

KENTAURUS (Maturity 11/12)

This variety matures very early without the usual yield penalty of other early varieties. The combination of high yield with above average M.E. means KENTAURUS produces more energy per acre than any other early variety. This coupled with the highest starch yield of any variety, bar one late variety, makes it an outstanding maize. In fact NIAB have been so impressed by it they have given it their award for the most outstanding variety of 2010. To obtain the optimum plant population it is recommended to be sown at 43,000 seeds per acre. More info...


New from the breeders of ES Regain. Very high yields. Early maturity. Best suited to the favourable sites of England. More info...

ATRIUM (Maturity 6)

Maturing later than the early varieties (some 2 to 3 weeks dependant on the season) this new variety on the list has an impressive yield potential. In the last 3 years trials with NIAB, prior to coming onto the list, it has topped all other varieties on the entire list with its M.E. value of 11.7 Mj/kg. This coupled with an above average yield means ATRIUM produces more energy per acre than any variety on the NIAB list. While the energy is concentrated in the cob in all varieties, Limagrain the breeders, are trying to improve the feed value of the stem and leaves. This means the value of the whole plant is greater than any other. Usual sowing rates of 43,000 to 45,000 seeds per acre apply dependent on sowing time, sowing conditions and width of rows. If you want extremely high yields of M.E., starch and total amounts of silage harvested this is the variety to grow. More info...

These varieties are exclusive to GP Feeds and if you require further information about them, please contact the office, who will be only too happy to help you or arrange for a farm visit by a specialist if so required.

So start 2012 in an 'amaizing' way with KENTAURUS, ES CAPRIS and ATRIUM - it is the way to better maize silage production.

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